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Guest Post!

April 4, 2008

I finally got my dear friend Erin to write a guest post! She loves Christ dearly and has a heart for purity. Erin is a big writer, and I’m sure we’ll see more work of her’s on the web! I met her a few years ago on a forum, where I quickly saw that she was different from many of the others there. Erin is a sweet girl living for somthing greater. I’m so thankful to have her talk to us about some of the real issues we face every day.

Note: This post does contain some mature content, so younger readers should not view this. As always, read with discernement. :)

Today I went to get my hair cut. I saw Cosmo magazine sitting on a table on the side glaring back at me with
topics written on the cover that caught my eye. Since it was going to be a while before my head would go under
the scissors, I picked up the magazine to pass the time. No harm in looking at a popular magazine with
Hayden Panettiere on the cover. I don’t usually read what is being put in these fad magazines, just look
at the pictures. Plus I was bored.

Flipping through the pages, I see a lot of things I wish I had. Gazing at the perfect girls with long beautiful legs,
not near afraid to show them off. The perfect tan and the perfect smile. I know its all fake. With the technology
there is today, they can make anybody look perfect on paper. I would just think how shameful it is that so
many people who spend money on this actually believe its true. I have yet to meet someone who is perfect.
So after all that, then I move on and look at the celebrities. Paris Hilton bought a new tank top. Look at
Miley Cyrus and Hilary Duff: they bought the same hand bag. Compare Anne Hathaway’s dress to a desperate
housewives star.

I move on from that section, into another section that I wasn’t quite prepared for. Since I never read these type of
magazines I was surprised. Knowing I shouldn’t be cause its a common fad to believe everything a popular magazine
tells you to do, since the stars in Hollywood seem to do it all the time. There were sections such as “What men think
of sexy,” “How to keep your man,” “What He really wants in a girlfriend.” Knowing me, I would skip over these sort of
articles cause I have no use for them. I don’t have to become like a girl in a magazine in order to be something. So who
cares anyway? I got curious and decided to see what men are supposed to “really” think about these topics.
As I started to read, I saw how everything always led to sex. That’s nothing new. But it was all I saw written
in black. “We Like girls that do this, dress like that, treat us like hero’s. It catches us on fire.” Then afterwards,
from the writers own words, give the solutions as to what a girl is to do next. Here it provides a certain type of
outfit. This and that colors go well, these don’t.

I saw a problem with this, and it made me feel funny. I know to never look at myself and compare to these solutions
and women. Never to look at a magazine full of trash for answers. But for once, I felt like I was nothing. Here I was,
a single girl who in the past struggled with being single. Who has gotten back on her feet and has made God her
number one priority instead of boys. Who has finally begun her one girl revolution. Now I feel like I’m not worthy.
You mean to tell me, I have to be all these things, act a certain way and dress a certain way, in order to make it
in the world? I have to step out of my comfort zone to please people, who could careless about who I am as a person?
When I started to think this in my mind I hurried up and shut the magazine and put it back on the table. I started
to feel ashamed of myself. I saw I started to see that I wasn’t good enough. I’m not good enough to please a guy
out there, if I am not these things these other men say I should do and be. It gave me an insecure feeling. And
I realized, what a waste of cut down trees to produce a stupid piece of paper full of lies!

My thoughts went unfocused. Sex sells. Hollywood says so. I have come to the conclusion that celebrities aren’t
real people. They are one thing only, Idols. Idols are perfect. They don’t have issue’s such as severe acne, warts,
unshaved legs or even a stretch mark. Their bust is in perfect shape and perfect size with no bra to make them
that way. They don’t struggle cause they have money. They are our idols. Any fashion magazine will tell you,
they are perfect.

Sometimes this makes me doubt. You hardly see a normal teenage girl get a boyfriend who is actually good!
I never see an imperfect girl actually become somebody. The only people I see getting anything good in life are
those who go beyond themselves to please other people. They smile, they wave. It comes so easily. But no
one, not even a magazine, ever says that it comes with a price to pay. I have often thought that if I were to
become one of these girls then I would get my fulfillment. To step out away from my morals, to go against
everything I believed in. Maybe, just maybe, I could get there.

I have a friend right now, who listens to these so call love experts. I have known her for a long time, and we get along great. I love her for who she is. She is an awesome person to be around. But there is one place we don’t agree with. And
that’s our status. I have come to a place in my life that I am okay with being single. I don’t have to be anybody but who
I am. I don’t have to have a guy in my life to complete me cause a guy is not to be my number one goal in life. God is.
I know God is the ONLY one that can ever complete me. It has taken time, but I have accepted that life doesn’t
begin after I get married. It starts now, and it starts with God. With my friend…well that’s a different story. My friend
Stacie has never really felt loved before. Though she knows God loves her and she has accepted Jesus as her Savior,
she is not willing to wait on His timing when it comes to love. Her number one priority isn’t to serve God while she is
single, but to find the love she is looking for from the charms of a man.

Stacie picks up magazines of the latest news of how to get a guy. What personality she is to have to catch his attention.
And even though she never talks about it, I know that at the end of every day, she feels like she still hasn’t accomplished her goal. Because my friend, at the end of every chase, there is still work that needs to be done. It is never finished.
The only girls I ever see to receive love, are those who are willing to do anything to get it. Step out with insecurity. Because
if they don’t, they may not get the love that Cosmo magazine calls love. Men want only one thing and that’s sex from you.
That is what the men in Cosmo magazine say anyway. So sex must be love right? These are the common lies, that I see
everywhere I go, deceiving young girls into giving away themselves as toys instead of prized possessions.
And this is love? I have to do this, because its love? No, I don’t have to. I won’t let a guy tell me who I am to be. He CANNOT define who I am. I don’t have to act a certain way. I don’t have to flirt. I don’t have to let my chest hang out, get the tan and wear the high heals with the black mini skirt and matching bra. The only person I have to be is the girl that God made me to be and to grow into the woman He is creating me to become! My number one reason to live is not to please a man. I am here to grow in Christ, to serve others, to serve Jesus my Savior. My life starts now. And the only love in this world that will never leave me is from the Love of God!

Girls, we have to realize that true love doesn’t start with a kiss. It starts when we realize how small we are and how big God is. It starts when we allow ourselves to transform into the women God is creating in us. He is making us beautiful! A guy can say you are pretty, but will he say that when you are fifty? Most likely not. Cause looks do not last. Guys will come and go. But the word of God lives forever.

I’ve said before, life doesn’t start after you get married. We don’t have to have a boyfriend to make us whole. And until you accept that, you are never gonna be happy.

The guys in Cosmo magazine, they are full of crap. They aren’t real men. If they were real mean, they wouldn’t be reading Cosmo magazine. They would be living their lives according to what Gods Word says to live.(Romans 12:2, 1 John 2:15-17) Why would I want love from them anyway? All they do is tell me how I need to be to please them. Dude, I am not here for that reason.

So guess what? I am not a girl who reads Cosmo Magazine. I am not a girl who dresses to please. I am not a girl who laughs with flirtations and seductive gestures of a fool. These girls may get published in the media and get publicity, but they are nothing. I am somebody in secret. I am being created to a woman after God’s own heart. And once we all get to Heaven, is Paris Hilton gonna get honors? No. The way I lived my life, and How I Please Jesus, is what will be praised for. I shall not dwell on the things on earth, but on things above.

Erin is so right. As daughters of our King, we have so much more to look forward to than romance or marriage. We have eternity with our King to live for! There so much we can do even now for Him. Are you using your talents, dreams, and resources to glorify Him?