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Stop Dating the Church: The Reveiw

April 9, 2008

Title: Stop Dating the Church: Fall in Love with the Family of God
Author: Joshua Harris
Topic: Church and Christianity
Age appropriate: 13+
Rating: 10/10

Joshua Harris, I am convinced, is brilliant. He expressed so many Biblical points within a tiny little book, Stop Dating the Church. He covered so many important topics, from the reason why we should be committed to a local church, to the importance of humility in leadership, and things to remember when choosing a church.

This book has been good for me, as I mentioned in my previous post, since I’m in the process of searching for a new church home. Mr. Harris expresses some very important points on what to look for in each church one visits. As soon as I could, I pulled out a pen and a notepad to copy these down and what he wrote about each of them.

One thing I paticularly enjoyed about this book is that while he made it relevant and understandable, Mr. Harris did not compromise the truth of the Word. Many authors do this today, but Mr. Harris wisely didn’t! Also, Biblical explanations were given for nearly every point he made. This is very important to me and I hope to others.

I recommend this book for all Christians. This book would be good for all Christians to read, no matter what you think about church. It’s also a good guide for those looking for a new church, as it beautifully explains that which is important in a church and that which is not.



Why I haven’t been writing

March 18, 2008

I’m so sorry to my 23 readers that I have nothing to share. I recently left the church I spent my entire life at. All of my best friends, including Natasha, are still there. I, however, am not. It was a nasty ending which isn’t over yet. I haven’t had the heart nor inspiration to write anything yet. I will. But for now, I need to get through this trial. I’ll update and write when I can and I’m planning on doing some book reviews on Stop Dating the Church by Joshua Harris and Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye?by Carolyn McCulley.

If you’d like to hear me write about anything, comment here and I’ll try and do so! I would love to hear any feedback or ideas. I’d appreciate it greatly, as I still enjoy to write. Tell me what you’d like to see more of–or less of–and I’ll see what I can do.



January 14, 2008

We are currently in the process of updating this site:

  • We will be getting a new layout soon, hopefully. There may be shifts in design and style and location of sidebars for a little bit, but we’ll fix them a.s.a.p.
  • We’re updating our resources listed here and will be adding summaries and ages appropriate to each book on our list.
  • We’re planning to do more reviews on the books, websites, and music that are on our lists.
  • We’re writing some new posts, so stay tuned!


Resources for Prospective SAHD

December 14, 2007

Brenda asked a question about where the Return of the Daughter’s is available from. I was going to respond in a comment, but found myself adding in books, messages, and other articles to look at as well. I realized that a list of resources for those considering to stay at home could be very useful. Thus, here follows a list of my favorite resources:

From Vision Forum (

1. So Much More- book written by  Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin.

2. The Return of the Daughters- DVD produced and directed by AS & E Botkin.

3. What’s a Girl to Do? CD message by Doug Phillips

4. Raising Maiden’s of Virtue- Stacy MacDonald

 There are many other messages and books that look wonderful to me, however, I have not listened to or read them all.

Websites: This website has been of most use to me in my pursuits in feminity, biblical womanhood, and staying at home. (Mrs. Chancey has even put something written by moi on their; a most generous thing for her to do!) Anna Sofia and Elizabeth’s blog. They have many helpful resources. The owner of this website, Crystal, was a SAHD (I believe) and is now married with two little girls. I most enjoy her blog. Mr. Phillip’s blog has been of most encouragment to me, and his photography always inspires me in the area of how I want to dress and how I want my future sons and daughters to dress. I reccomend this blog whole heartedly. Read it. Its really good, especially if your parents are not 100% for you staying at home.

I also enjoy reading blogs by older women who manage their homes, children, and live frugally. Maybe another time I’ll do a “Titus 2” post.

I also reccomend subscribing to the Issacharian Daughter’s newsletter. Its written by Genevieve who lives in New Zealand, and she (though now engaged) was a SAHD. She e-mails a newsletter every Monday, and I now look forward to Monday’s for that very reason! E-mail her at to subscribe. I cannot reccomend doing this enough!

I hope these resources encourage, uplift, and inspire you to keep running the race which is before us.

Singing Hallelujah,

Natasha Victoria

The Return of the Daughters

December 13, 2007

Last night Bethany and I sat down together and watched The Return of the Daughters; which of course was compiled by Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin. I had ordered it a few weeks ago and was looking forward to watching it. I hoped it would explain more of the topics in So Much More, as well as help me to work through my “college issues”. :D

I was not disappointed. While at times I was a bit sarcastic (Will they show anyone who does not have a billion children?? Does everyone live in a mansion??) in my thoughts going into watching it, I have since repented of those thoughts. The movie shows a wide variety of families; all in very different situations. There’s the father who is a truck driver, as well as the father with the Phd. I enjoyed that thoroughly.

For the last few months I have been really struggling in my thoughts toward college, as well as my walk with the Lord. I see now that my self centerdness and my pride in (possibly) wanting to move out and have my own job was completely wrong. Those actions in and of themselves are not sin- but my motives for such things were wrong. I wanted to get away from my parents and lead my own life, which was very wrong of me. I need to learn to love my family. Its one of the first things in Titus 2.

I’m not sure what my future holds. I don’t know whether I will get a degree while living at home, or if I will primairly help my father with his ministry, or if I will do something completely different. Only the Lord knows. And I’m willing to trust Him with my future entirely and take one day at time.

-Natasha Victoria

Fall Into Reading- Update

November 26, 2007

For those of you who remember, I had joined the “Fall into Reading” from Callipider Days. I’ve not gotten too much accomplished from my list, but I did manage to finish all 8 of the Anne of Green Gables series.

I loved these books. They were funny, exciting, and inspiring. I love reading the “gossip” in the 7th and 8th books. While the 6th-8th books are more about Anne’s children, I loved them anyway. The first few books have always inspired me to use my imagination more and be more creative. They are good read, and I highly reccomend them!

I also completed The Treasure Principle. I actually read most of this book while walking! Its a very good book and encouraged me to use my finances wiser and to give more. I’ve been working on implementing that into my life. I really do need to make a budget with appropriate amounts for saving, giving, and spending. I plan to do that in the near future. Randy Alcorn writes in a very easy to read manner. After finishing this book, I am now reading Heaven by him. I enjoy it very much.

I’m currently reading Pride and Prejudice. I have a very beautiful Jane Austen collection that I purchased from a Barnes and Noble gift card given to me by Bethany. Its large (so not very portable) but I love to read it in the early mornings while curled up under my down comforter.

I had sort of forgotten about this challenge (which ends on December 21st!) but I am planning on reading some of Trusting God or Wuthering Heights tonight.

(And…for the record, I’m currently reading Captivating by John and Staci Eldredge, Heaven by Randy Alcorn, Pride and Prejudice, Walden by Henry David Thoreau (for school), as well as Emotional Purity. I’ll try to post reviews on these soon- excepting P&P and Walden- soon!)

-Natasha, the extremely avid BookWorm who cannot get enough books!

Humility- CJ Mahaney- Book Review

July 23, 2007

I’ve been re-reading Humility this week.  I remember the day I realized our church library had the book- I did a little jig around the center table. So far, I’m the only person who has offically checked it out. (Bethany borrowed it from me while I still had it checked out. I love how our library is so small that it uses the old fashioned system- writing your name on a card. Its cool.)

 Now I’m at my 5th reading of this book! Were reading it slowly for our girls Bible study, and I’m loving it. It just gets better and better! (Now if only I got humbler and humbler…..) I want to share my favorite things about this book.

One, is CJ Mahaney. He’s humble. All of his books are so humbly written- not prideful or arrogant in the least.

Two,  is the list of ways to be humble. My favorites are “Play golf often” (Even though I would rather scrub toilets than play golf, after years of living next to a golf course I’ve decided that it definitly does make one humble- at least that’s what I think when I hear men yelling at their golf clubs, carts, friends, and anything on the premesis when they make an embarasing shot.) My other favorite is “Laugh at yourself.” I know from experience that one of the best ways to enjoy life, humble yourself, and have some fun is to laugh at yourself. Try it. Do something incredibly stupid- and don’t beat yourself up over it. Just laugh. When I get mad at myself for something that was silly, I see it as a manifestation of pride. Because I did something wrong I get mad at myself when I think of what others will think. Prideful, huh? So laugh.

 The third reason I love this book is because of the size. Small books are so cute, cool, and interesting. My father and I also came to the conclusion that writing a small book is a good way to be humble- it shows that you don’t feel like you have a ton of words to say.

And, fourth, the content. Its Christ-centered, not moralistic. It clearly explains pride, and how it is bad for our Spiritual walk. It clearly explains humility, and explains that how being cross centered is the only way to truly be humble. Mr. Mahaney tells how being humble is taking away the glory from the Lord, and trying to have it go to yourself.

Humility is a great read. In fact, I just purchased the book. Being able to underline, write in, and thoroughly read over and over is a HUGE blessing! I really encourage that everyone read this book.

P.S.: Another great book on this same subject if “From Pride to Humility” by Stuart Scott. Its a small pamphlet, and an easy, but awesome, read.


So Much More- The Long Awaited Book Review

May 3, 2007

 (I apologize for this taking so long- crazy computer problems!)

 A few weeks ago I completed my reading of So Much More by Anna Sophia and Elizabeth Botkin. Let me just start with the cover. I know you are not supposed to “judge a book by its cover” but this is one where the cover illustration completely fits. So Much More has a beautiful girl in a long flowing dress resting under a tree. She has a thoughtful expression on her face, and all ready I could tell that this book was going to be one I would cherish for a long time. 

            I continued on to the inside. Immediately I could see that this book deserved to have a beautiful bookmark in it, not just my usual. (Napkins, Kleenex, or bent pages are my usual!). I searched around in my room for a pretty handmade bookmark with a ribbon on it. This book just makes you do unusual things!

            Okay, on to the actual writing. First of all, everything is so scripturally based that it is amazing. You will not ever think “Where does the Bible say that?” It is all clear. The only thing that is needed to see so clearly is a humble heart. Without that all is lost. Next off, Anna Sophia and Elizabeth right with a beautiful writing style that is soothing and amazing to read. I felt that these girls were in my room with me, leading me personally on a journey to become a virtuous daughter. There writing is sophisticated, and the book clearly shows what godly parents they have been trained by.

            Secondly, this book is life changing. It gives instruction in every area of life- from courtship to dress to serving others. The Botkin sisters have wise “earth shaking” insights to share, most that they have learned from there wise father. They bring us back to when times were different, but then teach us how to apply them in the here and now. They do not want us to try to make things like the past, but to look to changing the future in the most God-honoring way possible.

            There were two points that really stuck out to me from the book. The first one was this: The Botkin sisters believe that young, single women should not be missionaries to foreign countries. I am sure this is a chapter in which many women would slam the book shut, or at least skip on. However, I endured, though before reading my heart was set on going to
Uganda. I prayed for humility and an open heart, and the Lord richly blessed me. I don’t want to give away any of the story, I just want to clarify that in reading this book much prayer is necessary. Our hearts don’t want to see our sin, nor have our plans changed.

            The second point that really stuck out to me was my duty to my father. I work to serve him, but not as much as I should or can, and this book has really helped me to think of more ways to serve him. I need to prepare to be someone else’s helpmate someday, and who better then my own dad? I also realized I need to be home more, something I will definitely begin working on this summer, when my current commitments are lessened.

            Overall, I definitely recommend that everyone buy this book. (I do recommend buying it; it is one of those “keepers.”) It is also something you will want to continually refer too.  Be sure to pray and ask the Lord for humility and an open mind before reading (perhaps reading CJ Mahaney’s “Humility” might be good!) and during reading as well. Also, check out, which is the Botkin girl’s website. Its full of informative and interesting articles.