Stop Dating the Church: The Reveiw

Title: Stop Dating the Church: Fall in Love with the Family of God
Author: Joshua Harris
Topic: Church and Christianity
Age appropriate: 13+
Rating: 10/10

Joshua Harris, I am convinced, is brilliant. He expressed so many Biblical points within a tiny little book, Stop Dating the Church. He covered so many important topics, from the reason why we should be committed to a local church, to the importance of humility in leadership, and things to remember when choosing a church.

This book has been good for me, as I mentioned in my previous post, since I’m in the process of searching for a new church home. Mr. Harris expresses some very important points on what to look for in each church one visits. As soon as I could, I pulled out a pen and a notepad to copy these down and what he wrote about each of them.

One thing I paticularly enjoyed about this book is that while he made it relevant and understandable, Mr. Harris did not compromise the truth of the Word. Many authors do this today, but Mr. Harris wisely didn’t! Also, Biblical explanations were given for nearly every point he made. This is very important to me and I hope to others.

I recommend this book for all Christians. This book would be good for all Christians to read, no matter what you think about church. It’s also a good guide for those looking for a new church, as it beautifully explains that which is important in a church and that which is not.



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3 Responses to “Stop Dating the Church: The Reveiw”

  1. Stop Dating the Church : MInTheGap Says:

    […] at Something Greater reviewed Josh Harris’ book, Stop Dating the Church!: Fall in Love with the Family of God (Lifechange Books) and had this to […]

  2. Anna Lofgren Says:

    I read this book a year or two ago. I agree – it’s really good! It’s been hard for me, as my family has gone from church to church. Even now we’re kind of in the process of deciding which church to really call home. I don’t think we’ve been at the same church in all my growing up years for more then 4 years! Dad’s been reading this book and says it’s very convicting. Right now it kind of feels like we’re “double dating” the church, as we go to one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I’ll pray that God will guide you to a church home as He guides us!

  3. Mia Says:

    Wow! This book sounds great–I’ve never heard of it, so far I’ve only read “I kissed dating goodbye”
    Thanks for such a great overview, and I hope to read “Stop dating the church” soon!

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