Why I haven’t been writing

I’m so sorry to my 23 readers that I have nothing to share. I recently left the church I spent my entire life at. All of my best friends, including Natasha, are still there. I, however, am not. It was a nasty ending which isn’t over yet. I haven’t had the heart nor inspiration to write anything yet. I will. But for now, I need to get through this trial. I’ll update and write when I can and I’m planning on doing some book reviews on Stop Dating the Church by Joshua Harris and Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye?by Carolyn McCulley.

If you’d like to hear me write about anything, comment here and I’ll try and do so! I would love to hear any feedback or ideas. I’d appreciate it greatly, as I still enjoy to write. Tell me what you’d like to see more of–or less of–and I’ll see what I can do.



One Response to “Why I haven’t been writing”

  1. Ella Says:

    Bethany, I saw on my other blog, ModesTeen that you signed the ModesTeen pledge so I thought I would drop by. I know exactly what you are going through. My family has been a state of church upheavel, and yes, it takes a lot out of you! I have shed many tears!! God is good, though. Cling to that as I have had to do SEVERAL times!!

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