Music has a huge influence on this generation. The mood, the sounds, the lyrics, and the artist himself are all ingredients into what kind of influence the music you listen to has on you. How can we be affected by this?

When we listen to a song, the attitude, the words, and the atmosphere the song produces is being put into our minds. How does it make us feel? Proud or humbled? Rebellious? (And rebellious against what?)

What does the music you listen to on a consistent basis say about what you believe? What you’re living for? Your interests, desires, and dreams? Does it shout, “God is my life! He is my everything! He is the most important thing to me!” If you knew Jesus were to come and look at your playlist on your iPod or check out your CD collection, what would He see? Would He be disappointed in your choices or rejoicing?

Secular music is not bad, in and of itself. It all comes down to the content and the artist. Whether we liek to admit it or not, both of these things is going to affect us in one way or another. Thoughts, ideas, and attitudes will be poured into us. They will penetrate our heart and our mind. What is our music causing us to think? Is it causing us to think pure, or better yet, God glorifying thoughts?



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One Response to “Music”

  1. Breanne Says:

    Wow, did I ever need to be reminded of how important music is… thanks.

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