Last night, I did something I don’t usually do. I listened to my iPod just before falling asleep. After turning on maybe only 2 songs, I realized that this would not helo me fall asleep nor relax, since ever 3 minutes and 45 seconds I’d have to change the song to the one I wanted to listen to at that very moment. Instead, I chose a sermon an faith. I chose it because I’m going through a paticularly difficult time. Though I remember only a little of what I heard, one line paticularly stuck out to me:

Your faith in God has everything to do with how you veiw His character.

And then I realized it: my veiw of God had been so small. In the beginning of this trial, I felt confident that God was strong enough and powerful enough to change the circumstances. But now, I have lost hope in that idea and accepted my circumstances, and therefore falling into an apathy, a complacency, a numbness. Subconciously, I had lost faith that God could “do immeasureably more than all we could ask or imagine“. Though I wouldn’t admit it outwardly, inwardly I knew it was true. I knew He was powerful enough in the same way I know that the sky is blue. But on days that are gray, filled with clouds and storms of doubt and pain, it’s hard for my heart to believe it.

The truth is, God is powerful enough. And He is strong enough. There is not one thing He doesn’t know, not one detail that He has overlooked. He is still Lord–Master–over all. He is almighty, all-knowingall sufficient. He has sustained me and is continuing to do so. He is all I need. Even if my circumstances have changed, He has not, and my identity in Him has not changed either. I am still saved by grace through faith. i am still healed by His wounds. I am still redeemed. He is still my something greater.

What is your veiw of God like? Is it what it should be?


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