2 Things That Can Help- CL&R-OM: Part 3

Following are two thing I’ve found that can help you guard your heart.

The first is : Don’t let your friends be “Emma’s.” If you don’t know, Emma (in Jane Austen’s “Emma”) convinced her friend that a certain young gentleman was in love with her. She smooth talked so much that her poor friend was convinced Mr. So &So was in love with her- when really he was in love with Emma.

There’s also an Emma in Heather Paulsen’s Book “Emotional Purity”. Emma is just like the Emma in Emma (Okay, these Emma’s are confusing me!) except modern day. She encourages Tracy that a man (Mike) really likes her- when it turns out that Mike had a girlfriend.

Are you an Emma? I know in my close knit circle of friends its easy for us all to be Emma’s. We love each other; and as such we want each other to find love. (After all, if there’s hope for one there’s hope for all!) But its not very loving to encourage others on, even in jest, that the one they like may like them too. It doesn’t help them; it hinders them. Even if you think your best friend would be “just perfect” with the cute pastor’s son- don’t say so. And, don’t say so to other people either. I know its fun to pair up people (Matchmaker, matchmaker…!) but it can easily be gossip; and if it gets back to the original person it can cause them to think “Oh, huh. I never thought of it that way- but Billy and I would be great together!”

The 2nd thing I’ve found to help is “crush fasting”. Stay away from him! I know when you like someone you really truly want to be with them. I face this battle every Sunday and Wednesday- to walk that way or not. To move a little closer to that group of people- or not. Its so hard; but it is better to stay away. If the Lord wills, He will come seek you out. Its much more biblical to have the man pursue you than to go chasing after him. So stay away! Talk to other young ladies, get to know the older people in your church, immerse yourself in playing with children- anything to not go chasing after him.

Basically, the less time we spend with the guy, the easier it is to not think of him. It doesn’t take care of the things you may imagine; but it does take care of going over events in your mind. No fuel for the fire, persay.

Keep on keeping on in the fight to stay focused on the Lord and guard your heart. There are blessings in store!


4 Responses to “2 Things That Can Help- CL&R-OM: Part 3”

  1. Faithful Servant Says:

    That was an excellent post!
    Thanks for the reminder to guard our hearts and our sisters. That is a humbling, gently rebuke that we so often need.
    God Bless!!!

  2. Kathleen Says:

    Hi! I found your blog through the Rebelution forum. I saw in a previous post that you quoted Joe Blankenship. I was surprised to see his name because how often do you see a name like that? So I was wondering ow do you know him? He was the previous pastor at our church (Grace Bible Fellowship Church of Melissa, TX) before he started his ministry in Tulsa. (Is it the same pastor?)

  3. somethinggreaterblog Says:


    Three of his children attend our church while they are going to college. He also was our Winter Camp speaker this past weekend. And yes, I am pretty sure its him!

  4. Kathleen Thomas Says:

    Oh, thats neat. So do you live in Ca then? Because don’t they go to Master’s?
    It is kind of fun to find connections! Don’t you think it is a small world?

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