Crushes, Relationships and Love, Oh My!- Part 2

Yesterday I was reminded again of a story from Girl Talk. In short, it was about a girl who really liked this guy named Steve. While she didn’t neccesairly want to date him she just wanted to know if he was “THE One”. She figured all would be better if only she could know.

I myself have had this mindset so many times. “If I just knew that he is or isn’t the one for me, thatn all would be well..” Unfortunatly, its really quite contrary. If I knew who my husband was to be, than I would want to know when he was going to know! Than I would want to know when we would get married! And on and on it goes.

That’s why faith is so important- in matters of the heart and in matters of every thing. We need to trust God. How hard it is! We need to surrender our feelings to the Lord- and see what He will do with them. Elizabeth Elliot talks much about surrender.

She says “If the yearnings went away, what would we have to offer up to God?” I know that many times I pray “Lord, please take my feelings for so and so away if they are not from You.” Many times this past year I have wondered why the Lord did not take these feelings away. There have been short periods of time when I have stopped having such silly feelings; but those have only been occasional and short. I still need to trust God and believe that there is a reason for all that I am learning.

Dear friend, is this you? Is this something you’ve struggled with? Than I encourage you to trust God, to offer up these feelings to Him, and to tell Him that you don’t need to know; that you can trust Him with your life.

In Christ,



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