Why the Rebelution is Important to Me

These past few days I’ve been thinking about why the Rebelution is such a vital and important part of my life. If you’ve read anything on here you have likely seen the Rebelution mentioned many times. The message of “Do Hard Things” is very contrary to what everyone (particularly teens) is doing these days. However, that message is so important.

Why is it important?Because by following the  motto and mission of the Rebelution we can better bring glory to God- particularly in our teen years. Not only that, the Rebelution has helped me to pursue different projects that  I otherwise would have put off until I was older. In essence the Rebelution helps me to not waste my life.

Before finding the Rebelution I did not know a thing about using my time wisely or doing anything that may be hard for me. I wanted to be profitable- but I didn’t have any motivation or see a Biblical reason to do so. Now that I am a Rebelutionary, I not only have plenty of motivation; I am also connected with others who are striving to do the same thing.

That’s another beautiful thing about the Rebelution. When talking to and discussing things wiht other members I am reminded that I am not in it alone. There are many others fighting the same battles; battles that most teens I know aren’t fighting.

So, if you ever are wondering why we mention the Rebelution so much, its because of this; along with  many other reasons. The Rebelution helps us fight the good fight and walk in a matter worthy of our calling.


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