The Best Decision I’ve Ever Made….

On Monday I made the decision to get a “Google Reader” account. If you don’t know, Google Reader is an application where you add the blogs and websites that you wish to read. Each day it sends me any updates from my list of blogs.

Why is this useful to me?

Well, first of all, it saves me time from going to blog to blog seeing if they’ve written anything new today. It also helps because I don’t need to go to the actual blog- which keeps me from clicking on those tempting links.

I 100% suggest Google Reader for those of you who have trouble keeping your time and priorities straight on the computer. In fact, if you get Google Reader, add us. ;-D


One Response to “The Best Decision I’ve Ever Made….”

  1. Anna Lofgren Says:

    I finally got an account after my brother kept telling me to. And, he was right – it is a lot better! It helps keep things organized and I don’t waste time checking to see if someone’s updated. Your blog is on it, and I always enjoy seeing when you two have a new post! =)

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