Works for Me Wednesday

Today is the Backwards edition of Works for Me Wednesday. I, for one, love the backwards edition because I am much better at asking questions than answering them.

My question is similar to this one:

BUT, I’m looking for answers that would apply to girls around my age (15). Obviously having a family over for dinner is not something that I am able to do on a regular basis (or ever).

So, what are ways that a teenage girl can be an encouragment to others? Be creative! I’m thinking past writing notes (which I do) and other normal ideas. People have told me that encouragment is one of my spiritual gifts; so as such I want to use it properly.

Any help?


5 Responses to “Works for Me Wednesday”

  1. Someone Being Me Says:

    I believe in signing up for volunteer work for kids. It can be something as organized as a group like a service sorority or the girl scouts or something far less organized. I know our animal shelter is always looking for volunteers, same with the hospitals, and local non-profits like the food pantry. An after school job like tutoring or babysitting can also be flexible but help them learn responsibility and the value of a dollar. As kids my Mom always had us helping her with her Junior League events or helping bag up our old stuff for goodwill and helping drop of donations at the food pantry. We learned all about helping from her. When we lived in a large city she used to pack up non perishable lunches for the homeless and keep them in the car to give out. She put in stuff like peanut butter crackers, water bottles, juice boxes, etc. Now as an adult I have money taken out of my paycheck for a local charity, give all my old clothes and such to goodwill, always adopt an elderly person or child for Christmas, donate to the food pantry and never turn down and opportunity to volunteer at church. Maybe you and your daughters should team up on some volunteer work. Learning from example is one of the best ways.

  2. Jeni Says:

    Writing notes in, of course, great. But I think unrequested acts of service speak greater.

    I know even teenage girls are bothered by feelings of hopelessness when their lives are in disarray. What if you could help a friend who’s down by helping them make their room more livable and girly? I know there are lots of things you can do in a room that don’t cost hardly any money, and will brighten it up and make it more welcoming. That sure would’ve encouraged me when I was a teenager.

    Of course, make sure you’ve got the folks’ approval if you’re doing anything major, and make sure you don’t get over your head with projects. But you’ll be having fun and spending time together…wear your old clothes and crank the music, and you’ll have a great time!

    Some specific ideas:
    1. New paint for the room, something cheerful (obviously, with the permission of her parents!)
    2. Organizing hair, make-up, and jewelry supplies in little bins or baskets.
    3. Changing the furniture around (sometimes change just for the sake of change is fun)
    4. Use cheap, happy fabric & ribbon to cover a bulletein board for pictures and notes
    5. Organize closet by color – stuff is easier to find and looks pretty, too
    6. And while doing this, of course it would be natural to invite your friend to the youth group function or church devo…

    Best wishes!

  3. Michael L. Johnson Says:

    You are an encouragement to me by your blog already! Also, anyone I see living out the word of God is an encouragement.

  4. Michael L. Johnson Says:

    sorry, I forgot to say that that was me, Michaela!

  5. Amber Says:

    I have to say that I’m a huge believer in being involved in one’s community. At it’s heart.. christianity is about loving and serving people as Christ did. While literally encouraging others through words is great… doing so through actions is sometimes even a better option. My advice? Look at things you’re good at… if you’re good at math or English then offer to tutor kids who arent. Making someone else see how they’re special is many times more of an encouragement than just telling them.

    Look inside you and go from there!

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