One Hard Thing Done Right…

One hard thing done right is much better than a whole list of hard things done wrong.

For instance, say one of the things that is hard for you is getting your English homework done. But, if you get every last bit of English homework done perfect; yet during that process you yell at everyone in the house, slam the door on your little brother, and kick the dog- what’s the value left in your hard thing? By that time you’ve sinned in multiple ways. Does your accomplishment mean any thing if you had to sacrifice relationships to get it done?

I began thinking about this yesterday evening. By the grace of God, I accomplished a lot yesterday. However, some time was “wasted” by an impromptu shopping trip, and we had a family Bible study when I was planning to do some Spanish work. In my mind, both those things were an interuption.

But when I broke it down, those two things- shopping with mom and Bible study- were much more important than anything else I had got done that day. No, they were not “hard things”, but the time spent with my mom in talking and shopping was much more valuable than the 5 pages of Geometry I got done. (And a side note: If I grow up and become a wife and mother, my knowledge of getting healthy food/good deals will be much more useful to me than my knowledge of alternate exterior angles.) And studying the Bible with my family is infinitly more valuable than anything I could be doing.

So I encourage you: put what’s truly important first. For some of you, building good relationships with your family is one of your main hard things. If that’s your case, don’t feel guilty about time spent with them; helping them; talking to them. Yes, repent of time wasted doing other things, but put relationships first.

After all, what’s the use of being a champion of hard things if your all alone because of your attitude?



3 Responses to “One Hard Thing Done Right…”

  1. Michael L. Johnson Says:

    Exactly right.

  2. Bonnie Says:

    Well said!! I think we do loose track of that sometimes, so thanks for the reminder! :-)

  3. Syd Says:

    Thanks Natasha! That was a good reminder for me as well!
    All God’s blessings and vaya con Dios!


    Sydney :) ;) =)

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