New Years Resolutions

Disclaimer: I love New Years Resolutions. I love resolutions, actually. However, I do not keep many of my resolutions; ever. Some of last years got done, by the grace of God. I recognize that I am unable to accomplish any of these on my own. If any of these do get kept it will be because of the Lord- not me.

I based the formatting for my resolutions on Brett Harris’ and Jonathan Edward’s. (By the way, I highly encourage you to read Edward’s resolutions. I try to read them at least once a month. They are incredible.)

  1. “Pray Without Ceasing”

         Resolved to pray for five minutes upon rising.

         Resolved to pray each time I look at a clock.

         Resolved to pray out loud once per week in public.


  1. “Do Hard Things”

         Resolved to work hard in each thing that I involve myself in.

         Resolved to pray before taking on any responsibility.

         Resolved to have a gentle and quiet spirit with my parents.

         Resolved to develop Something Greater

  1. “Women are to dress modestly” “Charm is deceitful, beauty is fleeting, but the woman who fears the Lord; she shall be praised”.

      -Resolved to wear skirts for one week each month.

      – Resolved to go through closet and do a modesty check each season.

      – Resolved to let and encourage the men in my life to treat me chivalrously; resolved to respond femininely.


  1. “You will be the same person next year that you are today aside from the books you read and the people you associate with”

         Resolved to develop one close female friendship.

         Resolved to abstain from all romance/mystery novels for one month.

         Resolved to read all the books on the Rebelution book list.

  1. “Your body is a temple of the Lord”

         Resolved to exercise at least twice a week.

         Resolved to have a salad and a piece of fruit each day.

         Resolved to bring lunch to school at least once per week.

  1. “Honor Thy Father and Mother”

         Resolved to make plans with Daddy each week to get together.

         Resolved to be submissive to my mother and father.

         Resolved to honor and obey them “as unto the Lord”.

  1. “A Gentle and Quiet Spirit is Precious in the Sight of God”

         Resolved to be less outspoken

         Resolved not to start a conversation with a gentleman; but to still be polite and say hello when the situation warrants it.

         Resolved to let others share there thoughts first before me at small groups.

  1. “Serve one another with gladness”

         Resolved to clean my own bedroom and bathroom daily.

         Resolved to vacuum and clean downstairs bathroom once per week.

         Resolved to do an act of service for someone each week at 168.

  1. “Give to the Lord”

         Resolved to tithe 10% of income. (3 dollars per week.)

         Resolved to give beyond my tithe to either the Benevolent Fund or the Pregnancy Center each month.

  1. Family Duties

         Resolved to send grandparents a letter each month. Resolved to send a thank you whenever needed.

         Resolved to pray for each of my family members on my father’s side each day.

To God Be the Glory,




One Response to “New Years Resolutions”

  1. Anna Lofgren Says:

    Great resolutions, Natasha! These are things we all should strive for, through God’s grace.

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