A Seemingly Impossible Hard Thing

I go to an awesome youth group. There are many strong, talented, incredible siblings in Christ in our group of one hundred or more. I love them all so much- just about each person has played some role in my life and taught me something in both negative and positive ways. And at the same time, I love the Rebelution and everything it stands for. But I compare the values Rebelutionaries hold to the values most of the students in the youth group and there is only some resemblance.

There are only three Rebelutionaries in our group. Most of the students have never even heard of the word, the young men who lead it, let alone practice it. I would love to Rebelutionize our youth group–show them that we as young people can do more for God than we think. We do not have to wait until we are adults. We do  not need to waste our teen years. This country and many others were built upon people who began doing hard things in their teenage years. Think of George Washington and William Wilberforce. Two of the most well-known names in the world. Their actions still effect our world today and will for years to come.

Back then, age did not matter so much. Life did not begin when one had a career or another form of power. It began when they were young. And God used them greatly. I think there is a misconception amoungst the people of this generation–I can see it all too easily amoung the people around me. The standards have been lowered so greatly.

A question constantly invades my mind: Can the young people I know change? I know nothing is impossible for God. My doubt in some of them does not cross with the faith I have in God. But can that last statement contradict itself? I do not know. I do know that I can’t change people’s hearts, attitudes, or actions. I can encourage, show, and help… right? I can pray for open hearts and open eyes. I can give people books, quotes, verses, ideas, websites, and articles. I can be an example.

But then I think, “I am near the end of the ‘food chain’. Not too many of the kids have much respect for me. A lot of them think I am weird, “–which I am, but I think it is sometimes taken the wrong way, but that is kind of helpless–“and no one will listen.” But what stopped slavery in Britain? What began the Revelutionary War? Why do missionaries become martyrs? What began each great act we read about in our history textbooks? It began with people who took risks, who knew that there was something greater worth fighting for. To them, it is worth it all.

What am I looking for? To fit in? To be popular? Certainly not. I’m looking for change, for like-minded people. I’m looking for… a rebelution. I’m not looking for everyone to build shrines to the “organization” itself, but to embrace the principles of its very heart. I know that there are many people within the youth group who are not Christians. There are kids who only attend because their parents force them, because they have friends, or because of the fun benefits.

Today, Natasha, the only other true Rebelutionary in our youth group, and I went to Starbucks. There was a little girl of about five or six sitting beside us, waiting for her mom who was getting something to drink. A napkin fell on the floor, and she got up from her chair to throw it away. That was a true example of doing hard things for me. She had no obligation. She could have gone on playing as she was. She could have completely ignored our exsistance and the existance of the napkin. But she did. It was such a small act of kindness. To most children her age, that is a big deal (everything is when you’re small, so it seems). If a little girl can do hard things, so can we.

 Just some thoughts.



One Response to “A Seemingly Impossible Hard Thing”

  1. Bonnie Says:

    Hi Bethany, I found your blog a little while ago, and already I’m impressed! :) I’m enjoying reading your posts.

    To the topic at hand…: I too would like to rebelutionize my youth group, but it isn’t easy. I think the main thing we can do is to be an example. We can show people that doing hard things might be hard, but it is rewarding. Preaching at them, or constantly trying to get them involved in something etc can seem pushy and make it sound like the choice for them to do hard things is not theirs.

    Sometimes I struggle with thinking ‘what could change in our youth group’, and it keeps coming back that if there is to be a change, it must be a united, voluntary decision that they make with all their hearts – not a half-hearted ‘ok everyone else is so I might as well’ thought.

    I think with a large youth group, especially when they’re all great people who don’t need a lot of encouragement to participate in youth group activities, we get a bit complacent in the aspect of serving the Lord. I know I’d love to give my group a big friendly shove, and say “we can do more than go on hikes, bring friends to church, have socials etc!!”
    We as young people wanting to share the good news with others have an important task to do. One of the main ones is being a witness by example. Ooh, that can sound scary when we realise how sinful we are, and how sometimes we really aren’t good examples!

    I hope what I’ve shared makes some sense, hehe…

    I’d just like to encourage you to continue doing hard things, and although it may seem like an impossible task to get others to follow your example, the Lord will prevail :-)

    God bless!


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