This Year

This year has been the most thrilling, most changing, most incredible year of my short life.

This year, God changed my perspectives on relationships, modesty, femininity, family, home, work, college, careers, friendship, love, writing, and everything in between. Has it been a near 365 days?  I can hardly believe it.

This year, God taught me that before “going out into the world”, I must first learn to love my family. He is continually teaching me how to do so.

This year, I was challenged by Alex and Brett Harris to do hard things for the glory and magnification of God.

This year, I traveled to Washington, D.C. and Disneyland with my class and learned what it is to be a young woman of integrity.

This year, my eyes were opened to my need for God’s Word. I am not consistent in being in it, but that is something I am working toward.

This year, I developed a love for photography and am learning to use it for God’s glory.

This year, I realized how horrid a friend, sister, and daughter I have been.

This year, Tashi and I began this blog together. It has been through ups and downs and it is so exciting to watch what God does.

This year, I began a study on humility with my sisters-in-Christ. It was so convicting.

This year, I learned what it is to be both dependant and independent at the same time in different ways.

This year, I saw how much time I have wasted.

This year, I took 30 days away from the computer– the oddest 30 days of my life.

This year, God gave me the opportunity to hold a tea for the girls in my youth group. It was quite the learning experience!

This year, God has been teaching me about how faithful He is. I should trust Him more.

This year, God graciously allowed me to go to winter camp where I learned the meaning of the phrase keep on keeping on.

This year, God reminded me to never forget the Gospel.

This year, God showed me how His nature is shown through nature.

This year, God convicted me in the realm of my thoughts. I have definitely not conquered this struggle but I trust that I can through His strength.

This year, God challenged me with the hardest things I have ever faced.

This year, I learned the importance of Scripture memorization.

I used the word “I” a lot. It’s not all about me. Honestly. I have not accomplished a single thing on the list of resolutions i made in January, nor the list of hard things I made a few months ago. I have not memorized much Scripture. I am not in the Word on a consistent basis. My thoughts are not continually taken captive. I am still not a good friend, sister, or daughter. I am not the person I would like to be, and overall, I am still not like Him.

But then again, who really is? I await the day when I will be like Him in Heaven. I trust that He will give me all that He knows I need. I am still stepping heavenward, still learning, and still growing. This year has been hard. Really hard. But He is still good.



One Response to “This Year”

  1. brenda Says:

    Wow! Sounds like God has been really busy in your life this year!!!

    How exciting!

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