New Years Post

I’d like to encourage you to head on over to Mrs. Fuente’s blog and read her post on having a New Year’s vision. It definitely made me think! Here are some of my visions/resolutions for the new year:

Spiritual Life–trusting in His faithfulness

Family Life–having a loving  heart

Home Life–having a servant’s heart

Church Life–making the most of every moment for His glory

Physical Life–caring for my health so that I may bring more glory to Him

Social Life–being a better friend

Financial Life–discerning how to spend and save the little money God blesses me with (I’d like to end up purchasing an SLR high quality camera and am saving for a car)

Mental Life–taking every thought captive and not dreaming too far ahead

School–catching up, getting ahead, and doing all I can for Him

Dream–improve my photographs, practice hospitality from the comforts of my own room and resources

Weaknesses–evangelism, compassion, speech

Blog— write posts that would encourage, inspire, and edify those who read this blog.

My motto for the coming year is Do Hard Things. I know it’s one we use quite a bit around here in our little bakery, but it is so meaningful and applicable for every aspect in life. I’m quite behind school-work wise. It’s so disappointing to have lots of work hanging over my head when it could have been so easily prevented. Someone said it best: No compromises, no regrets. Unfortunately, I have both accomplished. Yet God is gracious and through His abundant strength I’m certain that I can become more like Him.

Keep on keeping on, my dear readers.



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