Simple Hard Things that Aren’t Simple

I began writing this post yesterday when I should have been doing school work. Feeling convicted three sentences into this post, I turned off my com puter to finish what I could before I had to leave the house. Now, having a few moments between lunch and more school, (it takes me weeks to write a single post usually, so only taking a few minutes to write is normal, no worries!) I will begin with a clearer conscience.

Those who know me know that I am one of the laziest people on earth. Ask my family, my close friends–they all know it. Everyday I see more and more how stinking lazy I really am. And now it’s coming back to get me (can you say, “Behind 15 days in biology”?). If I had just done what was required of me, not what I required of myself, I feel certain that I would not be behind.

Which brings me to my point: simple hard things are not always so simple. It takes motivation, dedication, and a deep love for God to truly do hard things. Hard things like this include: waking up forty-five minutes earlier to have my quiet times, focusing my mind on school as opposed to daydreaming, and applying myself in biology (can you tell which is my least favorite subject?). Hard things also may include putting away dishes, not replying to a snood remark, or doing laundry. I’ve learned this: doing great things for God begins with doing little hard things for God. I sometimes remind myself of this: Mozart didn’t begin with a symphony. He began with a piano, learning one note at a time.

It’s easy to feel discouraged when one realizes they have failed at a hard thing (0r many, in my case). It is so, entirely easy. But here’s the thing: if we spend all of our time moping about, are we serving Him with love or pitying ourselves with, well, pity? As I sit here with my peppermint mocha coffee (oh, for the love of Starbucks!) I think about how simple it is to get discouraged when doing “simple” hard things. I would love to be so much more involved in The Rebelution, in doing hard things for God’s glory. But it’s easier said than done.

I think of my three year old sister. She is a very smart, intelligent little girl (not to mention the cutest little thing you will ever see in your life) yet when we tell her to go look for her baby-doll (which is often in plain sight) she cries, “I can’t! I can’t! Come on.” This reminds me of myself. The things that should be simple for me often seem to great a task for me and for my great, big God seem far to difficult and I give up. This is a wrong reaction. Instead, I should be seeking His will, His strength, and His joy above all things.

So to those of you out there who are nodding your heads in agreement, keep on keeping on. You are not alone.



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