“My Dearest Daughter…”

I’m just now realizing that one reason why I love posting here is that these are all things I wish my daughters to one day know. So many times I have thought that some years would have been so much easier, had I had an older woman more involved in my life. Things were rought for me, and although I thought I was, I may not have even been a Christian during those years. I’m still not sure about that.

I never want my daughters to face what I do. There are so many things I do not wish for them, so many dreams greater than mine were that I have for them. For my daughters, I want them  to have so much more than I. It’s not that I lead such a horrid life, really. But I would never wish upon them the trials that I have faced. Had I had more involvement of my mother or another wise woman in my life, I am certain that my heart would not have been so led astray for so long. Her wisdom would have guided me, even if my heart was not right. At least I would not have faced those things. Perhaps these are mere presumptions. Perhaps not. I will never know. I am just thankful that God has been soooo gracious and merciful to me.

So often we girls think too much about our future husbands- what he will look like, be like, what he’ll enjoy doing, how he spends his time, that sort of thing. But do we ever think aboput our children that Lord willing we will one day have? Do we think about the principles we want to teach them, the preventable circumstances we can help them avoid? I am not encouraging you to dwell on the future. But simply take a moment and think about the legacy you’re creating for them.

 Keep on keeping on.



One Response to ““My Dearest Daughter…””

  1. somethinggreaterblog Says:

    I’m glad you finished this post- I’ve been looking forward to reading it in its entirety.


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