I Love Being a Girl!

I was reading Jenny’s post at Tea Party Girl. She was writing about many of the things she did in her day that she loves- and that are distinctly feminine.

You know what? I love being a girl. Being a girl is the first and best gift God has ever bestowed on me (second best, actually. salvation comes first!). I love getting up every morning and getting ready- putting on makeup, picking out a skirt, brushing my hair and curling it. I love babysitting, most of the time. I love nurturing my family; giving them hugs and comforting words. I love calling and e-mailing friends; there is always so much to chat about! I love curling up with a journal and my Bible. I love decorating my room, lighting candles, having soft music in the background. I love wrapping presents and making them look oh so cute. I love shopping, drinking Frappuchinos, painting nails, eating chocolate, watching chic flicks, etc, etc.

And the best thing is, all this is what I’m supposed to be doing. (Okay, well, maybe not the chic flicks and Starbucks….:P) I’m supposed to love being a girl. I’m supposed to embrace the role that God has given me- and that’s to be a girl. To bring beauty and love and life to every aspect of my life, my families life, and one day my husban’s life. Its what being a girl’s all about. Embrace your femininity. Its a gift from God.


One Response to “I Love Being a Girl!”

  1. Joyce Says:


    Jelaous that I’m a true feminine woman and no one else is.

    Keep up the good work!

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