Resources for Prospective SAHD

Brenda asked a question about where the Return of the Daughter’s is available from. I was going to respond in a comment, but found myself adding in books, messages, and other articles to look at as well. I realized that a list of resources for those considering to stay at home could be very useful. Thus, here follows a list of my favorite resources:

From Vision Forum (

1. So Much More- book written by  Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin.

2. The Return of the Daughters- DVD produced and directed by AS & E Botkin.

3. What’s a Girl to Do? CD message by Doug Phillips

4. Raising Maiden’s of Virtue- Stacy MacDonald

 There are many other messages and books that look wonderful to me, however, I have not listened to or read them all.

Websites: This website has been of most use to me in my pursuits in feminity, biblical womanhood, and staying at home. (Mrs. Chancey has even put something written by moi on their; a most generous thing for her to do!) Anna Sofia and Elizabeth’s blog. They have many helpful resources. The owner of this website, Crystal, was a SAHD (I believe) and is now married with two little girls. I most enjoy her blog. Mr. Phillip’s blog has been of most encouragment to me, and his photography always inspires me in the area of how I want to dress and how I want my future sons and daughters to dress. I reccomend this blog whole heartedly. Read it. Its really good, especially if your parents are not 100% for you staying at home.

I also enjoy reading blogs by older women who manage their homes, children, and live frugally. Maybe another time I’ll do a “Titus 2” post.

I also reccomend subscribing to the Issacharian Daughter’s newsletter. Its written by Genevieve who lives in New Zealand, and she (though now engaged) was a SAHD. She e-mails a newsletter every Monday, and I now look forward to Monday’s for that very reason! E-mail her at to subscribe. I cannot reccomend doing this enough!

I hope these resources encourage, uplift, and inspire you to keep running the race which is before us.

Singing Hallelujah,

Natasha Victoria


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