100 Thoughts on Staying At Home

As you know, last night Natasha and I watche Return of the Daughters. It would be the most though provoking movie I’ve ever seen and worth watching. Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin produced and directed it I think. I’m not sure, but i know they had a huge hand in it.  Staying home isn’t for everyone. But I think it should be at least considered to be considered. :)

 I wrote this because it’s the only way I can logically work out my thoughts on college/career/ministry vs. sahd. For the reader’s sanity, I got rid of my horrid typos. Forgive the lack of complete thoughts, punctuation, etc. I wrote this as I thought. Pretty much word for word. I did come to a conclusion for now. God may change it, but what I came to is something I think I could truly serve the Lord with. I went back and forth on this. I hope it’s a little profitable to you, as it shows the inner battle some of us do face when thinking about these types of things. Please pray that no matter what I do, I’d do it for His glory and trust Him to guide me and lead me.  Perhaps my logic is wrong. Perhaps I’m wrong. I trust that if I am, God will show me the truth. I’m gfrateful that He knows even when I don’t. I am so human it’s not even funny. Feel free to laugh at me or think I’m wrong. I do it all the time! Just be nice.

100 Thoughts On Staying at Home

1.       I don’t want a career during marriage…

2.       If so, why during single years?

3.       My dad doesn’t have a ministry

4.       I’d go insane living my family. We just don’t get along

5.       I could start my own ministry my sisters could be involved in when they’re older under the wisdom and direction of my parents

6.       I want to go to college

7.       Why do I want to go to college?

8.       College is expected of me

9.       I’d get to hear a sermon and go to a worship service 3 to 4 times a week, maybe more if I was involved with the youth group

10.   I’d still live near my family and consult my parents if needed

11.   I don’t even know what I want to do if anything at all

12.   I suppose there are some things my mom needs help with

13.   If I want to run my home efficiently some day, how will I learn how to do it?

14.   I could learn here, creating it into some what of a home I’d like to have

15.   I don’t have to not get along with my family. It’s called love. Remember 1 Corinthians 13?

16.   Yes but… I dunno.

17.   I don’t have enough resources to learn how to be a sahd

18.   I guess I do

19.   I could always take classes and things

20.   I do want to make money

21.   What would I spend it on besides gas money and personal money? What would I be saving for?

22.   I don’t even know if I’ll get married. What could I possibly do?

23.   I don’t want to live with my family for the rest of my life

24.   The word “career” sounds so snobby. I don’t wanna wear business suits and go to meeting. I don’t actually desire a career.

25.   I would like to be like those girls on Return of the Daughters but my family wouldn’t support it.

26.   They’d say I could do so much more

27.   I love the environment of Masters. I don’t want to miss out.

28.   I love my family because they’re my family. But they’ve never been there for me. But that was my own fault I guess. I don’t feel like I could confide in them like those girls did.

29.   If I did get a job, what would I do?

30.   Teach?

31.   Teach what?

32.   It’s not like there’s a business I could start. Really, I have no mad skills.

33.   I could be a party planner or something. Or interior decorator. Both of those things are somewhat simple to accomplish

34.   But I don’t want to spend the rest of my life having a career. What and empty life!

35.   I could do what Miss Mary does. She lives with elderly Christian ladies and helps them out. She learns lots from them. But she has a job too. She works for mercury insurance.

36.   I don’t know.

37.   I don’t want to me a missionary.

38.   I don’t think foreign mission work is suited to me. I’m not bold or brave or flexible. I don’t do well under stress either.

39.   I just want to get married and have kids.

40.   If only I could play the piano or something. I could teach piano or become the next August Rush. J

41.   What are my dreams?

42.   I should have a life dream bigger than marriage

43.   College isn’t evil, especially master’s

44.   If I got married, I’d dunno the career thing and take care of my home. If I had kids I’d take care of them too.

45.   Am I realistic or silly?

46.   Why do I want to serve in a ministry?

47.   If I went to masters, it’s still not perfect. Some things I could pick out and remember that they’re not biblical, but other things I’d need to ask my parents. Would they be readily available?

48.   We’re not poor. I could afford college with a job

49.   I don’t want a boring job like working in an office all day.

50.   I don’t have a vivacious love for blood, so being a nurse wouldn’t work.

51.   I guess I think marriage is the chief end of all things

52.   There’s no such thing as fairytales

53.   If I really wanted to get married at like 19 then I’d have to marry someone several years older than me. I dunno how realistic that is.

54.   I don’t have much talent.

55.   What in the world could I do, sahd or college girl?

56.   I don’t like the way things are run at my house

57.   Problems are put aside not handled

58.   I could write text books- hah!

59.   It’s not like I wanna be a CEO or something.

60.   When I say ministry, what do I mean?

61.   I do like photography.

62.   I could be a wedding photographer. Well paying, enjoyable, creative, and requires no degree, although it’d be nice to get a BA at COC or something. It’d look a little better on my resume.

63.   I could be a magazine photographer.

64.   I love photography. There are many options.

65.   I could be any kind of photographer. Nature, magazine, wedding, baby, family, portrait, wow. Possibilities are endless.

66.   I do have somewhat a skill for photography, but that’s something that is developed.

67.   I could even take photography classes at COC.

68.   This has potential.

69.   It would be a nice balance between staying at home and having a job/career/ministry.

70.   I know what looks good, if I do say so myself.

71.   With a part time job I could afford college classes and camera equipment.

72.   I wonder…

73.   Do I have enough skill?

74.   I’m not perfect

75.   No one is

76.   I do love photography

77.   I could still learn how to care for a home through the tutelage of my mom and other women in my church

78.   I wish I knew where I would be in three years

79.   Photography is a skill I can develop here and now

80.   It’s not necessary to have a degree or go to college

81.   It would allow me to be creative with something I love

82.   It’s an ambition that is realistic, I think.

83.   I wonder how I would get photography jobs?

84.   I could always offer to people

85.   Through word of mouth, word of type, and the WWW, plus ads and things, anything is really accomplishable in this realm

86.   Hm

87.   The time is majorly flexible

88.   It’s not something difficult to learn about

89.   As long as I had a camera and transportation, it’s doable.

90.   I do love weddings and other events

91.   Would anyone hire me?

92.   Don’t rely on what ifs. Your god is big enough to do anything.

93.   How could I develop skills now?

94.   Take all the opportunities you have to take pictures.

95.   You have a bike right? Ride down to the light house, to the mall. It’s good exercise and healthy and enjoyable and easy

96.   It would be flexible with ministry opportunities

97.   It would be a ministry to people.

98.   I could tell them what other photographers pay and allow clients to choose how much they’d like to pay me. I’d be happy with 5 bucks. That could by me a roll or two of film!

99.   I could do my own editing- I have some skills in that area, if I do say so myself. However, there is ALWAYS much to be learned and improved

100.                        To God be the glory forever and ever, amen.


4 Responses to “100 Thoughts on Staying At Home”

  1. brenda Says:

    Wow. You have some good arguing with yourself here! I NEVER had any of these thoughts when I was younger and oh how I wish I had. It was not even a thought to be a sahd. No one did that.

    I had a terrible attitude towards my parents by my senior year and knowing I was leaving for college soon didn’t make me any more patient with them. I thought I “deserved” to get out on my own–with them paying of course.

    My attitude was sinful. I see that now. I think your idea of photography is a good one. Later, when you are married, you could use your skill for extra income if needed and still keep the home.

    I need to watch that movie as I have 2 daughters and I think I’m learning that we need to think through these things before they are in their teens. Would you agree? Maybe we can start building skills in their lives that could give them many options for staying at home until they are married. Hmm.

  2. SarahBeth Says:

    Wow, you really argue with yourself.
    It was VERY interesting to see your thought process. I know what it’s like. Both of my brothers are attending college. They are never home and are always busy. They have part-time jobs and a full load of classes. I see them only on weekends, and then they are studying. I don’t want that. How in the world would I learn to “keep house” if I am gone all the time? Thanks for your post, letting us in on your thoughts.

  3. Anna Lofgren Says:

    Your arguments back and forth really resonate with me! That’s what I’ve been doing with myself, and discussing with others for the past 2 years. It’s hard, for time is getting short. I’ve pretty much come to a conclusion to follow what my father and siblings want, though my heart still longs for home. God knows best…

  4. somethinggreaterblog Says:

    I think your right but I’m laughing! Sounds very familiar to me. :-D

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