On Worship

“We are all great worshippers; it’s just that often we need to re-direct our worship from ourselves and the world around us, the the CREATOR of us all.”– Christopher Beatty

“Praising God for problems demands a submission to God that is willing to take what comes so that Jesus’ life may be better formed in us. This praise requires faith to believe that God will indeed “work together for good” (Romans 8:28-29). ALL things!”– Bill Newby, Pastor

“True worship is always to be both spiritual and physical. First, it is spiritual in that it come from the heart. Then, it is physical, for it occurs at a place, and it always involves a sacrifice. These two factors have never changed: worship is at a location, and worship involves a sacrifice.”– Jack Hayford

I thought these three quotes (which I found in Worship Him, an old hymnal) were paticularly though provoking. Share your thoughts on them and think on them- these men have great things to share which I cannot!



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