Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!

Today I wanted to post, but I could not think of anything to write on. Definite bloggers block. The only thing I can currently think about is my overload of Geometry and American Literature to catch up on, as well as a piano piece that won’t learn by itself!! The other thing on my mind is Christmas gifts.

This year, I have less gifts to buy as we have had some family problems with some very dear extended members. I’m trying not to focus on what I don’t have, but instead on what I do have- many great friends and church family. I love giving gifts, its just part of my personality. I always have, since I was a young girl. So this year I’m planning on giving a lot and to people I wouldn’t normally give too. Want to know what they’re going to get?! Let’s start with parents.

Dad normally gets a tie, some special Trader Joes candies and cookies, or a book. This year, however, he’s really into buying his own music on iTunes- as well as anything related to iPods. He’ll be getting an iTunes gift card, along with his normal Trader Joes items in his stocking.

Mother Dearest is the hardest to shop for. She has trouble buying for herself, due to a combination of frugality, bad styles in stores, and undecisivness. I normally buy her jewlery- which she loves, but this year I’m still looking at different blogs to decide what to get her.

Next we’ll move on to grandparents, cousins, and other family.

G’Pa Duke will be getting embroidered handkerchiefs. G’Pa Duke is the hardest male in the entire world to shop for, I am convinced. Whatever he needs- he buys himself. I never know what to get it. He still uses handkerchiefs, so I’m hoping these will be a hit.

GrandJack (as I call my grandmother) is a pack rat! She has ten of everything! I’m serious! I bought some soft green yarn to make her a scarf (as that is her favorite color) and this website: teaches how to make cute paper baskets. I think that might be a nice way to wrap the scarf.

Bindi is the only girl cousin that I have who is anywhere near my age. She’s 8, and loves nature. (Thus her name has been changed to “Bindi” as in “Bindi the Jungle Girl”, Steve Irwin’s daughter.) For her, I had originally purchased The Daring Book for Girls. However, she’s not really a Bookworm like myself, and so I’m making her gifts. She’ll be getting a pink and white scarf, as well as a wooden letter “B” that I got some darling wooden flowers, butterflies, and dragonflies to glue too. She loves bugs, as well as decorating her room, so I hope she likes that.

Uncle E (E for Electronics!) is an Xbox 360 lover. I’ll probably get him a gift card to some electronics store. Its impossible to be creative with his gifts!

Aunt Teacher loves candles. I found a darling candle holder at Michaels that looks like a branch. It was on clearence too!

Now for friends…….

Bethany has two sisters; Livs and ‘Well, who are 3 and 10, respectively. We’ve become like family over the last few years, and I think Livs thinks I am “Sister Hasha” For Livs, I found a darling Disney Princess tent, sleeping bag, and flashlight. I think she’ll love it. ‘Well will be getting “The Daring Book for Girls” as I think she will really enjoy many of the activities.

For my small group/Bible study, I am going to try making sugar scrub- recipe found at 

Then, there are two little girls who I have befriended at church. Silly and Riley have become like little sisters to me, and I will be knitting them matching pink scarves. (They’re best friends) I also am making scarves for a little girl and two boys I babysit. My hands are certainly going to be busy!

That’s all for now, folks! I am still looking for a gift for Bethany. She is very hard to shop for! ;-D

 I’ll be posting more Christmas themed posts throughout the next month, I am sure.


One Response to “Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!”

  1. Michael L. Johnson Says:

    Cool, I knit too! Right now I am making crocheted snowflake ornaments.

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