Happy Thanksgiving, dear readers! Hope you have a blessed one.

I am thankful for:

-the friends that have become like family

– the ways the Lord has tested me these last few months

– the beauty of weather- wind, rain, sun, and snow

– God’s mercies which are new every morning

– singleness

– books..books..and more books

– my pastors and disciplers

– my wonderful parents

– the family that has become less like family, but that I will always love anyway

– modesty

– femininity

– long skirts

– piano music

– knitting, embroidery, sewing, and other handcrafts

– that I am a girl!

– the ability to sing, shout, dance, and be joyful

– animals: from the smallest hamster to the largest polar bear, I love them all. (mostly.)

– drawing, art, lovliness

– movies, music, and other forms of entertainment

– books

– the gift of life!

– and did I mention…books?! :D

Happy Thanksgiving!


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