To Live is Christ and to Die is Gain

My grandmother, Lillian , was one of the most godly women I have known in my entire life. Everyone who came into contact with her loved her. She was gracious, loving, kind, caring, patient, gentle, considerate. She had few enemies, and many friends. She never worried, she trusted God’s soveriegnty above all else. She walked with the Lord for at least 60 years. She prayed for 30 or more people every day. If I had a friend who I hoped would come to know the Lord, Grandma would be quick to get her name on her prayer list. She spent an hour or so every afternoon in prayer and Bible reading. No, she was not perfect. She was a sinner like each and every one of us. But her sin did not rule her. Her only Master was the Lord.  She looked forward to the day when she could be with her Beloved Lord for ever and ever.

Monday morning that day finally came for Grandma. Lillian Wegter went to be with the Lord two days before her 87th birthday which would have been today. I greatly miss her. We wrote each other letters for years, all of which I have preciously tucked away. Her warm words of love and advice are treasures that I will remember always. I can imagine her now with our Lord- praising Him, fellowshiping with the dear friends and family that have gone before her. I greatly look forward to the day when I can be with Jesus- and with Grandma.



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