Be Your True Self….?

Anyone who’s seen a Disney movie (or possibly, walked outside) has heard these slightly corny sayings “Believe in yourself” “Be yourself” “Don’t true to you!” You know, the self esteem sayings. When I was about 11 or 12, I had a series of books that talked about “God esteem”. Finding your worth in God..that who you are as a human being doesn’t matter as much as who you are in Christ. (The series had a good message..I just always wished that they hadn’t had the same corny sayings!)

“Be yourself”. I was thinking about this and finally concluded that I don’t want to be myself. Why would I? My sinful self is not someone anyone should want to be. I want to be like Christ. We’re of a generation of people that was raised on this saying- maybe that’s why we’re so self-centered, so prone to not do hard things. We’re just sitting around trying to be ourselves!

My challenge to you is to not be yourself. Be like Christ. It’s only when you do that that you’ll really have complete joy. Don’t be yourselves. Be like Him.


One Response to “Be Your True Self….?”

  1. Jade S. Says:

    i couldn’t agree with you more!
    we shouldn’t “be ourself” we should try to be like Christ.

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