Just like Cinderella

Last night I was thinking about my true Prince. No, not my future husband, or some possible catch! My true Prince, the Lord. He’s everything I could want in a Prince- a leader, very involved in the church, loves my family, humble, gracious, giving. He loves me more than anyone ever could, and He loves me unconditionally- I don’t have to make his dinner or iron his shirts. *Winks* He’s commited to purity, He’s truthful, He’s perfect. He loves me so much He died for me.

Maybe this is new for you, or maybe you’ve read this a thousand times. But think deeply upon it. Let it impact your soul. Its too easy to just read about Him and go “yeah, yeah, I know. Now give me something to DO!” I’m getting there, but think upon these things.

Now, I want you to think about your favorite Princess movie. Maybe its been years since you’ve seen a Disney Princess movie, maybe (like myself) its been a mere few hours. My favorite is Beauty and the Beast. (I even have a darling little Beast stuffed animal that I just love!) Lastly in this little exercise, consider what she gave up to have her Prince. Belle gave up her father, Cinderella left her little mice friends, Snow White the dwarves, and Ariel gave up her merfamily and her caverns. That’s some pretty valuable stuff, eh?

However, they gave it up for something greater. Their Prince Charming, their Beast, their Eric. They gave up the little things, the distractions, so that they could focus on there relationship with their prince. And girls, that’s what we have to do. Whatever is distracting us- be it computer time, certain friends, reading novels, or even too much thought about romance- we have to give it up to have a greater relationship with our Prince. We can’t pursue that if we’re busy with other things. And, compared to having a pure and wonderful relationship with Him, our activities are like Cinderella’s chores- useless and boring. So be like Cinderella- exchange your broom for Something Greater.


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One Response to “Just like Cinderella”

  1. Mardi Says:

    Great website! I really enjoyed reading this post! Great analogy! Keep letting God use you! God is awesome! Have a Blessed week in the Lord! Let the Joy of the Lord be your Strength!

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