The Duggar Family

On Monday night, while I was knitting, I watched a show on TLC about the Duggar family. It is times like that when I am thankful for the television. I have seen specials on them before, especially the one where they built there house, but this particular one was about when baby 16 was being born. (They now have 18! Cheaper by the Dozen and 1/2, haha.)

Anyway, I love the Duggar family. I think Mrs. Duggar is such a great example of a homemaker- she seems to be very gentle, kind, loving, joyful, AND takes care of a huge household. Her and her daughters are also very lovely and feminine. Mr. Duggar seems to be a very good leader to the whole clan. And the children all seem well behaved, as well as very cute! I do find it funny how all the children’s names start with “J”, but it must improve Mr. and Mrs. Duggar’s thinking-on-the-spot skills!

 And, most of all, I like what a family the Duggar’s are. Some have said that it is wierd that they do everything together, and that the children seem to have no friends. But, I love how all the kids seem to be best friends, and how they all serve each other joyfully. On one show I saw the Duggar’s go to Disneyland, and to the beach, and unlike most teenagers of today- the older Duggar kids were having a good old time right along with the younger ones. And, since I’m an only child, family’s of a bigger size than most are very attractive to me. I’d love to have a lot when I grow up.

Anyway, I thought of TLC’s next great special: Natasha, the only child, gets to go visit the Duggars and live with them for a week. (I thought about having one of the Duggar’s see what it is like to be an only child- but I didn’t want to put the child through the tortue of being all by themselves!) I think I’d have a ball. TLC? Call me, or better yet, post a comment. :)

 (Small side note/warning: I would not reccomend reading many of the links that appear if you Google “Duggar family”. Some are extremely disrespectful to the family, not to mention very innapropriate “R” rated type things.)


10 Responses to “The Duggar Family”

  1. Anna Joy Says:

    I think it’d have to be like a tongue-twister trying to say all their names!! ;);)

  2. Heather Buffett Says:

    I love the Dugger family. We actually have a family in our church who are close friends with them. I can’t wait until the Lord provides a way for me to meet Mrs. Dugger in person. Any way I just wanted to say that if you want to see their website its

    God bless

  3. somethinggreaterblog Says:

    I have seen there website, and I love it. I want to make the famous “Tator Tot” dish sometime!

  4. Erin Says:

    I love the Duggar family. I know several families that have at least 8 kids or more and love it! I don’t know where these people come up with the notion that big families are a nusiance to society and are threats the the “over population” problem of our world. The problem is greed and not following the Bible which says that children are a blessing from Him. If I ever am blessed enough to find a godly man to marry, I pray that we will have many children…

  5. Debbie Says:

    while im not a religous person. I admire the Duggar family for having so much dedication to their children. The most important thing is all off the children are raised in happy, loving enviroment with parents who provide for them. If more people were like the Duggars the world would be a better place

  6. sherry stone Says:

    I truly believe this is how God entended family to be.I see too many christian WOMAN working instead of raising their children. So many can’t properly raise a couple these days. Spoiled rotten are so many these days.I would love to meet this family who from what i can see are living according to Gods will.A real blessing they are to me.sincerly a mother of four

  7. Rebecca Says:

    I’ve been watching the Duggar family on TV for some time now, and have also read a lot about them via the internet. I admire them greatly for having a large family that is obviously much wanted, and lovingly raised with a strong faith in God. In addition, they provide for their children and are debt free, and even manage to squeeze in the occasional vacation as well. My admiration goes out to them! May God continue to bless the Duggar family.

  8. Elizabeth Says:

    Erin, I don’t know what you’re talking about when you say: “I don’t know where these people come up with the notion that big families are a nusiance to society and are threats the the “over population” problem of our world. The problem is greed and not following the Bible which says that children are a blessing from Him.”
    Please read a book. The world IS overpopulated. I do think it aiding society when there is already an overpopulated six billion people on earth. The more people the earth holds, the more the life is sucked out of it. The earth simply cannot provide more than what the world is asking of it. I don’t understand why Mrs. Duggar doesn’t find another purpose – other than lying on her back and having babies. Where does it say in the Bible to pop out as many children as you possibly can with your spouse? No where! & If you interpret it as such, then your IQ must be at about a nice 60. Eve was told to populate, thats when there was no one on earth but her and Adam (according to a literal interpretation of Genesis). I would be really annoyed if I was born into a family where I was neglected. & if you honestly believe that each child gets the attention that they deserve, then you must be crazy. There is no possible way that two parents can devote equal or adequate time to each child if there is SEVENTEEN of them. Even if the older siblings do spend time with the younger ones, sometimes you just need your parent. And if she likes kids so much, why doesn’t she adopt some less fortunate child who is starving to death? Or open up a nursery? I’m sorry, but I honestly think its repulsive that two people have made so many lives together and I think they need some form of birth control if they cannot keep from having intercourse.

  9. Elizabeth Says:

    I just think that when God gave us the world, He didn’t intend on us using every ounce of it and sucking the very life from it. He wanted us to nurture it, and take care of it, because it is a gift as is every child, which is why there should be less so each can have the love and attention and, most importantly, one-on-one time that they deserve.

  10. emcolorado Says:


    Just wondering if you ever thought about how each one of these children were destined to be on this earth at this time and are and will be touching many others lives for good. Which one would you eliminate from that privilege? People can give life – not just suck it.

    BTW: Jim Bob and Michelle know all about birth control and lost one child due to complications caused by it.

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