Kick off the Idols

Last night at youth group our worship leader had us all sit down for a few minutes and confess the idols in our lives to the Lord, after figuring out what those idols were, of course. As I sat down I was thinking hard. What was the idol in my life? Does this come before God in my life? Not really. Does this? No. Does he?:) Not really.

But thinking about it, my idol was me. When I want to say something, I say it. When I want to do something, think about something, eat something :), I do it. I don’t think first. I don’t consider any possibly consequences it may have. Of course, this is not my mindset all of the time, but it is my mindset too much of the time. In reality, its all about me.

This is gravely serious. As a Christian, my life needs to be all about the Lord, not me. I have a shirt that I wore this morning that says “Its all about Him.” I want that statement to be true about my life. But how?

First, I need to learn this cool little (or big) trait called self denial. Giving up what I want isn’t easy. I need to deny myself and take up my cross daily. What’s my cross? My wants, my desires, anything that is not what God wants. I give my desires to the Lord, and than ask that He make His desires mine, not the other way around. So, give my desires to the Lord, is the first step.

Secondly, I need a right mindset. I need to think “What does God want me to do today?” instead of “What do I want to do today?” Starting with devotions- I want to stay in bed. The Lord wants me to get up and spend time with Him. Most days, I’m glad to say, He wins. And the rest of my day goes better! See how it goes? I want to start using that mindset with whatever I want. I want to rant and moan. He wants me to rejoice….etc.

Thirdly, don’t take it to far. I’m not saying never to do anything that you want to do. But make sure that the things you do bring glory to God, and are done after what He wants you to do.

Blessings in Christ,



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