Using His Time Wisely- a Different Perspective on Laziness

This summer, I was not very productive. Sure, I was more productive this summer more than any previous and I had consistent quiet times, but I still watched far too much T.V. and was on the computer more than was good for me. It’s a sad thing for me to grasp, and I realize now I didn’t have the right mindset the majority of the time.

This was not my summer. No, it was certainly not my summer, just as any part of my life isn’t my own. Although speaking on our bodies in 1 Corinthians 6:19a, it still applies and Paul tells us that we are not our own. So neither is our time or how we use it.God is the ruler of the universe, not you or me. He is the creator of wisdon, not to meantion everything in exsistence. Even time! Therefore, time is His. Even “our’s”.

All throughout the Proverbs, it talks with shame on the sluggard (the lazy person), and then throughout the rest of the Bible it talks about working for God. How can we be working for Him if we’re busy doing nothing of importance at all?!

I’ve definately struggled with this as I previously mentioned. But here are a few battle plans I’ve found that really help me as well as others!

  • Make a To Do list. Either use Post-Its, a paper pad, a notebook, a dry-erase board or whatever else works for you. Don’t let it master you, but use it as a guideline. At the beginning of everyday (I like to do it right after I finish my quiet time), write down all of the things you want to get done that day. I also like to write down a characteristic of God I want to put into my own life or maybe a special verse, as well as the happenings of the day I need to remember. What helps me to keep my room clean is by tidying up every day for a few minutes, so I always put that on so I never have to spend a whole day cleaning.
  • Make a schedule. Make a schedule for every day of the week with all of your weekly activities included. Be sure to put in a space for devotions. ;-) Again, don’t let this schedule control you, btu think of it more as a reminder for what you ought to be doing during your day that you might better glorify God!
  • Use discernment. Pick and choose what you spend His time doing. Make sure that you still have ample time to spend with your Prince, Jesus Christ. Ask Him what His will is for you in every area of your life and don’t do anything without consulting His wisdom which is found in His Word.

I hope that this little blurb on time was a little blessing.

Soli de gloria!!



One Response to “Using His Time Wisely- a Different Perspective on Laziness”

  1. Anna Lofgren Says:

    Thanks for this great post and reminder! I’ve really found that using a daily schedule/to do list really helps me stay on track. But then, I do find it easy to get distracted sometimes. Which reminds me…. Back to my Physics homework. =)

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