SAHD- Back to School

Continuing on our topic of Stay at Home Daughters, I was inspired by Maidens of Worth ( to post on what I am doing for school this year- especially because many of my classes involve things that will prepare me for being a homemaker. So, here goes!

Note- When I say “stay at home daughter”,  I do not neccesairly mean one who has chosen not to go to college. I am not sure of my college plans, but I am still- right now- a stay at home daughter.

This year I have no science, a fact which I am very happy about!

English- I am doing an English program called “For Such a Time as This”. The idea is you read “real” books (as opposed to a textbook) and then write papers on it. I am excited to be able to increase my writing “talents”- with my dad hopefully editing the papers I compose. I’ll be studying mainly American Literature.

History- I am going to be taking, Lord willing, a US History class at our community college. I am a little nervous about this, as I’m not sure how much I will agree with, but it should be a good experience. (You can pray that I get it, freshman and sophmores have last priority at college.)

Math- I am planning on doing Math U See Geometry. Since I absolutly detest math, and am quite terrible at it as well, I am hoping to do well at this program. Many people have reccomended it to me.

Spanish- Planning on doing Rosetta Stone. (It has been so hard for me to “commit” to learning a foreign language! I want to learn so many- Greek, French, Russian….but I choose Spanish because of my work in a ministry to Mexican kids.)

Home Economics- I am so excited for this. My mom and I will be working through “Training Our Daughters to be Keepers at Home.” I’ll be sewing (year 10 sews many baby clothes! My hope chest will be stuffed!), cooking main courses, and reading “The Hidden Art of Homemaking”, among other projects.

Piano- I am doing this class at community college as well. I loved my group piano lessons that I took this summer for two months, and I’m excited about increasing my musical skills.

P.E.- I’m going to be doing a group exercise class. I’m also planning on walking around our lake on the days I don’t have the class.

So, its a lot, I know! I’m excited about being busy and profitable. For my devotions I’m planning on going through the book of James, and memorizing it, as well as reading Systematic Theology with the Rebelution book club.



One Response to “SAHD- Back to School”

  1. Anna Lofgren Says:

    Looks like a full and fun year!

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