Spiderman. Superman. Batman. These names and many more often come to mind when one says the word, “Superhero”. There are countless TV shows and movies about people with supernatural powers that are used for the betterment of society. One might even ask, “Why are people so fascinated with these unreal, supernatural people?”

Because people were created with an inner desire and knowledge of something greater and more powerful than themselves. Right from the beginning, man has realized it’s limitations and incapability to be perfect. But God has created man knowing that because of these limitations and incapabilities, there is a need for someone to save them from that which is evil and hurtful. No one truly wants to feel pain and man has recognized this fact- man has recognized that their power ends and they simply cannot save themselves. They have a need a something greater because they are not great enough or powerful enough themselves.

Without knowing it, those with imaginations for superheroes (Sadly, I’ve never been one to adore Batman or Spidey) have created a world where there is somebody greater than themselves with the power to save. They have created a fantasy which is really apart of a secret desire they have always had.

People’s superheroes may always be different. Perhaps it is Prince Charming saving his princess. It might be in the image of a detective stopping another murder before it begins. Or perhaps it’s in drugs or alcohol, giving them a false euphoria to escape from their pain in. But ultimately, our something greater needs to be Jesus Christ, our God and Savior. He is the only one who can save us from the sin we’re in. He alone can save us from our pain and hurt. He can take it all away, because He is a powerful, merciful God. He is a shepard who loves and protects His sheep in just the way they need to be protected.

All in all, we don’t need a superheroes have become a way for many to explain their need for a savior, their need for something greater. The question is, will you show it to them?


2 Responses to “Superheroes”

  1. Kelsey Hough Says:

    It is interesting how even things in the media show how humanity knows they’re not enough by themselves and need something, someone else. Deep down, we all know to at least some degree that we need a hero.


  2. music Says:

    very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

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