“You Deserve More”

Last Thursday, a well-meaning relative, who is a feminist, told me “Natasha, you deserve better. You could have so much more.” She was referring to the fact that I honor and obey my father, and have biblical views on manhood and womanhood. The Devil has tried many time these past few days to use those words against me. Do I deserve more? Is what I’m doing worth anything? But if I’m wrong, if I do need to find something else, what would it be? What would make me happier than serving my family?

I’ve been praying and journaling about this very much. And, I hope I can be an encouragment to y’all through what the Lord has shown me.

1. I don’t deserve anything. All I have was given to me by the Lord, when He died for me on the cross. If I lived in a cardboard box, had nothing to eat, and was being tortured- I deserve that. I have all I need in Christ. I have done nothing in my life to make me deserve anything, not even Christ. But by His grace, I am saved! All I do is because of His grace.

2. Honoring, obeying, and serving my father makes me happier than anything else. I would not be truly happy if everyday my aim was to serve myself. To make me happier. Rather, when I am working to make others happier, I myself become happy. If I truly love others, I will seek there best, as love “seeks not its own.” I could never find a greater happiness than serving someone I love. When I really thought about it, I knew there was nothing else I would rather do. And for that matter, if I didn’t stay at home, serve me family, complete my homeschooling, serve in the church- what would I do? Get a job? Would that make me happy? No. Where is the joy in flipping hamburgers, when you have no idea how it will bless someone? :) Though I do not get a paycheck at home, the praise and love I get from my mom and dad mean more to me than all the money I could ever have.

3. Staying at home is worth something. It does not find praise in the worlds eyes, but as Christians, we do not need our approval from the culture. We find our worth in God. Vacumning the floor, loading a program onto the computer, or typing a business letter for another all sound mundane- until you consider the love the other person feels when you do these things for them.

So, girls, let us not be discouraged. Well meaning people will tell you to look for “something greater”. But we have our something greater in God. He is all we truly have, and all we will truly need. Amen?!


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