Humility- CJ Mahaney- Book Review

I’ve been re-reading Humility this week.  I remember the day I realized our church library had the book- I did a little jig around the center table. So far, I’m the only person who has offically checked it out. (Bethany borrowed it from me while I still had it checked out. I love how our library is so small that it uses the old fashioned system- writing your name on a card. Its cool.)

 Now I’m at my 5th reading of this book! Were reading it slowly for our girls Bible study, and I’m loving it. It just gets better and better! (Now if only I got humbler and humbler…..) I want to share my favorite things about this book.

One, is CJ Mahaney. He’s humble. All of his books are so humbly written- not prideful or arrogant in the least.

Two,  is the list of ways to be humble. My favorites are “Play golf often” (Even though I would rather scrub toilets than play golf, after years of living next to a golf course I’ve decided that it definitly does make one humble- at least that’s what I think when I hear men yelling at their golf clubs, carts, friends, and anything on the premesis when they make an embarasing shot.) My other favorite is “Laugh at yourself.” I know from experience that one of the best ways to enjoy life, humble yourself, and have some fun is to laugh at yourself. Try it. Do something incredibly stupid- and don’t beat yourself up over it. Just laugh. When I get mad at myself for something that was silly, I see it as a manifestation of pride. Because I did something wrong I get mad at myself when I think of what others will think. Prideful, huh? So laugh.

 The third reason I love this book is because of the size. Small books are so cute, cool, and interesting. My father and I also came to the conclusion that writing a small book is a good way to be humble- it shows that you don’t feel like you have a ton of words to say.

And, fourth, the content. Its Christ-centered, not moralistic. It clearly explains pride, and how it is bad for our Spiritual walk. It clearly explains humility, and explains that how being cross centered is the only way to truly be humble. Mr. Mahaney tells how being humble is taking away the glory from the Lord, and trying to have it go to yourself.

Humility is a great read. In fact, I just purchased the book. Being able to underline, write in, and thoroughly read over and over is a HUGE blessing! I really encourage that everyone read this book.

P.S.: Another great book on this same subject if “From Pride to Humility” by Stuart Scott. Its a small pamphlet, and an easy, but awesome, read.



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