Far Away: The Unfolding of a Dream

Ah, welcome back to our little bakery. So, you have met your potential prince and he is amazing- every thing you’ve always dreamed of. But how do you know if he is “the One”?

Ask God! Pray and search the Scriptures. You will become accustomed to His voice and when you “hear” Him telling you, it will be clearer than anythign you’ve ever heard in your life.

Ok, fast forward a bit. You know he is your Prince and you’ve entered an exciting and beautiful and even confusing world of romance, planning, and praying. One bit og advice: keep on keeping on!

Don’t change anything you’ve been doing, but rather continue following Christ. Dig deeper into His Word than you ever have before and pray continually. Read books on relationships (I believe we have some recommendations in the resource section, if not, they will be up soon!) from solid Christian authors and figure out what God has to say through the reading, teaching, and preaching of His Word. Pursue Christ and His desires, not your own.

Things won’t always be perfect with you and your Earthly Prince. As much as I would like each girl have her fairytale be lovely all of the time, it won’t be. So instead, keep on keeping on. Work hard to glorify God with your relationship. Honor Him with your purity, your speech, your actions, and your love. And one last thing to conclude our series: Never forget what Christ did for you on that cross. Remembering that will change the way you live and love.

In Christ,



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