Far Away: The Prepration

Hello, welcome back to our sweet bakery. Today we’re going to cover how you can prepare for a relationship and for marriage. We touched on it last time, but this week we’re going to get a little more in-depth.

Just as a bride prepares herself with a dress and a veil, so should we. Why? Because, in a way, we are brides, ladies-in-waiting, and princess awaiting their prince.

In what ways and areas can we prepare for this new season?

Household management! Whether we like it or not, we are going to be the mistress of a home, but only a chosen few are able to run a home with grace. We are called to be keepers of the home as wives, as is found in Titus 2:4-6. We are called to be hospitable as well:

1 Peter 4:9
Be hospitable to one another without complaint.

So today, I will share with you, my friend, how to prepare practically.

  1. I have two younger sisters, ages 10 and 3. I am also the oldest in my family, with no brothers. So it is my duty to watch them when needed and help care for them, even when it is not. I am doing my best (also I knowI could improve greatly!) in setting a good example to them in the area of romance, friendships, lady-likeness, thoughtfullness, and other ways.  It is so awesome to help train them up, especially the youngest, because I am learning so much! I’m learning how to speak (gently), how to act (lovingly), and how to care (completely). I am learning to let go a little bit and laugh with my younger sister and dance with the youngest. I like to let my youngest sister play with her dolls on top of my hope chest, allowing her to learn to be motherly and careful. If you don’t have any siblings, learn to care for children by babysitting, working in child care at your church, or helping mothers care for their own children.

  2. Cooking is not my forte. It’s difficult for me to cook pasta without help from my mother! But I know that depsite my temporary limitations,t o run a beautiful hom for the glory of God, I must learn. I’m slowly learning with the aid of my mother, and some common sense.

  3. The practice of patience. As much as I dislike admiting it, patience doesn’t suddenly “happen” once you marry, let alone have kids. Practice it now by using your teeth to bit your tounge, keeping your heart right with God (for the mouth is an overflow of the heart!), and putting yourself before others.

 Those are 3 simple ways you can prepare. I’m so sorry it took me forever to post, I’ve been very busy!



One Response to “Far Away: The Prepration”

  1. Tara Says:

    Great advice, LoriBeth! Preparing for the future is definitely something all girls need to consider and take the time to do. =) God bless!
    In Christ~
    Tara (From the Rebelution ;) )
    By the way, beautiful blog design!

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