Abort73: Everything they don’t want you to know

Warning: the facts in this post are astonishing and may not be appropriate for young children. 

Every day, nearly 4,000 children lose their lives to a single cause.

That’s 25,000 a week.

109,000 a year.

 1.3 million a year.

 Since 1973, over 40 million children have lost their lives to this cause.

What is this cause? , you might wonder as guilt fills your heart towards your apathy.

It’s abortion. The killing unborn children who are unwanted. In some way, having a child would be inconvenient. So they cruely kill it without even considering giving their child to adoption, to a couple who has longed for a baby of their own for years. They deny the thoughts they have always known about how every person should be wanted and loved.

Many states allow young girls to keep their abortions a secret, not telling their parents about it. They are eighteen and under, fighting pain, remorse, grief, anger, hurt, sadness. And they don’t tell their parents. You can’t get your ears peirced without parental consent, etc., yet you can have an abortion at any age.

My English teacher once said that after the Civil War, there was an entire generation of unmarried women. Now, we will have an entire generation that is missing.

*These statistics were taken from Abort73.com

EDIT:: I in no way mean to imply that all women who have abortions or are for abortions mean to be cruel and kill their children. There are many other reasons to have an abortion, but abortion in and of it’s self is cruel. The act is, but not always the intention. Please forgive any confusion, frustration, or angry feelings I may have caused!!



2 Responses to “Abort73: Everything they don’t want you to know”

  1. RuinedbyYourmajesty Says:

    While I completely agree with this article, and firmly believe that abortion is wrong, I just wanted to mention something. By using the phrase: “cruely kill it without even considering giving their child to adoption, to a couple who has longed for a baby of their own for years” you are stereotyping those who have had an abortion. It sounds like every girl that has an abortion has evil intent toward that child, and wants it to die, and won’t even consider another option. Some girls that have an abortion are so scared, and are surrounded by ungodly people that would encourage them to do the wrong thing that they just do what their told w/o thinking. Please be careful of your wording – critize abortion, but don’t be so quick to label those that have had one. I support your message, but remember to spread God’s love with just that – love.


  2. somethinggreaterblog Says:

    Oh dear, that is not what I meant at all! Please forgive me for any confusion or frustration I may have caused. I will go edit this immediately!

    Thank you so much for pointing this out.


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