“I surrender all.” How many times do you recall singing that hymn?

Lately, I have been learning the true meaning of surrender. I’ve been having to surrender a lot of things in my life- a certain young gentleman, my future- where I will be living, my plans- even plans for that very day. Its been a really great time of learning for me, and the Lord is teaching me so much. Because of that, I decided to share a bit with my dear group of readers.

 What is surrender? Surrender is basically giving it to God. Telling Him that you recognize that He is in control, and that no matter what, you will submit to Him. That’s the first step. Its also a step that you may have to do every day- every morning tell the Lord that He is in control, and that You will follow Him. For me, a part of surrender is learning to not take action. To not try and make things happen, to let the Lord bring those things into my life. To me- that’s surrender.

 So, how do you know you really have surrender? I read on Monday that God will bring you a test. He will see if you really have surrendered. For instance, if you have commited to not trying to “make things happen” with someone, He may put you into less contact with them- and see if you accept that or not. That’s exactly what has happened- and its great to see God work!

A great example of surrender in the Bible is Abraham. He let God lead him, and He followed the Lord to what might have seemed to him, the end of the earth! Throughout His life, he continually surrendered. One of the biggest areas was the area of children. He had to trust that the Lord would keep His promise. He also had to learn to not take things into his own hands (which he did, with Hagar.) Be like Abraham and Sarah, dear readers! They are great examples of surrender.

So, even today, look at what God is doing in your life that you need to surrender to. Then, try it! I assure you that it will be worth it.



One Response to “Surrender”

  1. qwert18 Says:

    interesting post. i found this site talked a lot about surrender to god at from both the Hindu and Christian perspective. thought you may enjoy it.

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