Seasons, Summer, and Beyond.

Today I ended my time at my current school, and won’t be attending the school that my friends will be attending in the fall, most likely anyway. It makes me sad to see it all vanish in an instant, but I know one thing for sure…

 That God has something greater for me in store. I may not be sure of the school I’ll attend, the classes I’ll take, or the friends I’ll have. But i know that somehow, some way, God will be glorified. His plans for me at my school right now have been fufilled, and something else is awaiting me this summer. No, it is not about  myself. It can’t be, for Scripture says that you cannot please God and man. It has to be all about the Lord. So, whiel I have many fun plans for the summer, here are a few ways I’m going to make the summer about Him:

  • Memorize one verse a week, minimum. When I was a little girl, I did AWANA for the games, my friends, and the candy. I rarely memorized verses, let alone htink about their meaning. I’m hoping to learn at least one verse every week and it’s meaning this summer. When thoughts that don’t honor God, I can turn my mind to these verses.
  • Be in the Word every day. As you may have heard me say more than once, being in God’s Word daily is so important in our walk with Him. I’ll admit, I have not been diligent in doing so this past year. But this summer is all about change for me, making it about Him, not me. Last summer I developed some really bad habits which I did learn from, but now I want to put what I learned into practice, including this important act.
  • Pray without ceasing! We need to be constantly praying. We cannot live without prayer for a number of reasons, which for time and topci’s sake I shall not go through right now. But God did command it in 1 Thessalonians, I believe! So, nto to be taken to the leaglist level but rather the living level, we need to be in prayer constantly. It guards our hearts and minds, “connects” us to God, and so much more!
  • Serve. This summer, I will be amply supplied with free time… too much of it! So I want to spend as much of my free time as I can (well, ideally…) serving others. There are so many ways I can do this, but if you have any, I’d love to hear! Jesus served others, so I should be doing the same. It’s not about me.

Well, ’tis all for tonight in our little bakery. Come again soon!



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