Far Away: Waiting in Line

One of my close friends, Danielle, recently got engaged. She showed me a picture of her trying on the most gorgeous dress on the planet. She took engagement photos a few weeks ago. And she is completely in love with her man. Another young woman I know is in a relationship with a really great guy. They’ll probably get engaged this summer.

But while I am so happy for these girls, I must admit: I am little bit jealous. The knowledge that this is the first of many wedding’s I’ll attend where i am not the bride bites me every so often. While I am content being single and am waiting for my Mr. Darcy, it doesn’t means I don’t long for the day when I’ll look into his eyes and know that it is him.

Picture this: you’re at the mall, your hands full of the latest fashions. You’re waiting in line to buy them. But you’re at the back of the line. You see other girls buying other peices of apparel and you become fidgety. You may be coming closer and closer to the front, but somethign inside of you is trying to scooch you over to the next line, which is shorter but the cashier has been known not only to be a snothead, but also to make mistakes. Which do you choose? If you wait patiently in line, the cashier will be far more careful and kind to you- even friendly. But if you move, you’ll lose a lot of money because the cashier will “miscalculate” your recepit, even if it is faster.

Are you beginning to see my comparison? The road to love may be a long one, but it will be far more completing and satisfying that giving parts of yourself away to just medicore relationships.

So, to get to the real point of this article, what do we do with ourselves during this period of waiting?


If God has it in mind for you to marry (Which you may or may not know. Never assume you will not marry, because God can do anythingthat He pleases!), you are in essence a bride. Just as a bride prepares herself with make-up, the perfect dress, sweet-smelling perfume, a veil, and flowers, so should we. By learning how to do regular household crafts- cooking, cleaning, baking, caring for children, sewing, decorating, and so on, we are preparing for caring for a home. Also, we need to preapre out hearts. We should be studying His Word on a daily basis, praying, deciding what we believe (which should ALWAYS come from the Bible!), etc. This too will prepare us for marriage.


By focus, I don’t mean focusing on finding a man, but rather on God! Focus on becoming closer to Him, knowing Him better, loving Him more, following Him more.  Get in the Word every day- it is like water to our thirsty souls. Besides prayer, it’s basically the only way to understand any part of God’s character and voice. Pray to Him as much as possible, which is far more often than  you might think. Pray when walking, talking, playing, driving, watching, listening, eating, drinking, and so on.  Pray about anything and everything- He wants to listen.

So, all in all, use this season of singleness to focus On God and prepare for the future. Keep on keeping on!



2 Responses to “Far Away: Waiting in Line”

  1. West Side Decorating » Decorating Crafts June 6, 2007 3:02 am Says:

    […] Blog Posts Far Away: Waiting in Line By learning how to do regular household crafts- cooking, cleaning, baking, caring for children, […]

  2. T. Suzanne Eller Says:

    A Pride and Prejudice fan. : )

    I have a friend who was in the same mode — everyone getting married — and she prayed that she would wait for the right person at the right time. I went to her wedding a few weeks ago. He was worth the wait, kind and compassionate, godly, and totally head over heels in love with her.

    What was so funny is that he came into her life a few weeks after that discouraging time. You never know what is around the corner, but what we do know is that trusting God, waiting for the right guy, and looking for the one who will make us laugh, and be a lifelong love, is hard, but in my friend’s case, absolutely the right thing.

    Love the post!

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