Far Away: The Safe Guarding and Keeping of Our Hearts

Thank you for joining me today!

When there is no Prince Charming in the picture, what do we do in the mean time? Rather, what do we do with our hearts? Do we give pieces of it to guys who will give us a temporary fufillment and euphoria? Do we lock it up so that is is completely untouchable?

Imagine it is your wedding day, and the man of your dreams is standing beside you. Suddenly, you notice another girl in skimpy clothing , snaking her arm through his. Another comes up. And another, and another, until there are 15 girls crowding around him. You are shoved out of this circle. “But what about me!” You cry to your groom. Tears of sadness are welling in his dreamy eyes. “I’m sorry, but there is none of my heart left to give! These girls have it all!” He yells over the noise the girls are making. You stumble out of the church with bitterness and hurt in your heart.

While this is an unlikely scenario, part of it is true. No, no, this never happened to me. But it could. If I flippantly go around, hooking up with guy after guy, giving a peice of my heart to him, before I know it, my heart will be all gone. There will be none left to give to the man I love. My heart will be in other places with other people.

But honestly and realistically, why save our hearts for our husbands?

Proverbs 31:12
“She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life.”

We can do our husbands good, even now, by saving our precious hearts for him. No, we may not know the color of his eyes or feel the touch of his hand in our own, but we can still love him, even now!

Yes, but how?

  • Guard your heart. Do not become infatuated with any man, young or old. It can only result in hurt.
  • Protect your heart, body, and mind. Don’t allow the words, hands, or affections or another distract you from your walk with God (more on this in coming up in  our series!).
  • Hide yourself in God. Focus on His Word, His attributes, serving Him, etc. There is nothing better than focusing on God.
  • Don’t flirt. Friendliness and kindness is a great thing! But don’t try to gain the attraction or attention of any young man through teasing

I hope you all save your hearts for the one man God has for you to marry!



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