The Feminine Life- Part 2

Well, dear friends, our series on femininity is coming to an end. *Sniff* Apparently my series on Femininity has gone on too long for Bethany’s tastes , and its time to move on. *Sniff* Actually, I’m joking, I do agree its time to end. I’ve decided to write a book on femininity this summer, along with a few other topics. I think this is a very underdeveloped topic in the Christian circles, and though I am young and definitely unqualified, the Lord has burdened my heart with a desire to share with others on this beautiful topic.

Anyway, the Feminine Life. I love being feminine! Of all of the disciplines of being a godly women, young or old, it is my absolute favorite! Its easy-though its hard at first- and so fun! Wearing my hair prettily, dressing up in skirts, its all so fun. There are two more things I want to say about being feminine.

The first is this. And it goes along with one of my other favorites- submission. When being feminine, we want to show honor first to God, and then to our authority- either our husband or our father. I want you to do one thing today. I’m going to do it as well. Ask “the Man” in your life what he likes to see you wear. In the form of this “Hey dad/ Honey?” “Hmm hmm?” “Do you like when I wear skirts or pants better?” “Um…that skirt thingy you wore on Sunday was great.” “Oh, okay.”

You now would know what to incorporate into your closet- what your father/hubby likes to see you wear. I know my dad likes when I wear my hair in braids. So, I’m going to go braid my hair. By doing things like this we can make being feminine even more purposeful.

The second is more materialistic. Clothes. This might sound strange- but dress up. I have always been concerned about looking “overdressed.” Yes, this is important- we don’t want to look like we are trying to impress the world. But this is what I mean: look around. Everyone is wearing crud! Forgive my crude language, but isn’t it true? “Skinny jeans” which are basically tights, ripped jeans, “sweats” which are basically pajama bottoms. clothes made to look old or “vintage”. Fight back against this! I know I worry about being seen as a snob. But if you are kind, welcoming, and have a gentle spirit, no one is going to accuse you of that! Dress Up. Look “fancier” than everyone else. Don’t conform to the worlds standards on this. The worlds standard is way to low for any godly women to follow.

Well, thus ends my series on femininity- for now at least. I’m going to take back burner this next week or two, as I look forward to reading Bethany’s series on Far Away.

Goodbye Kindred Spirits! E-mail me if you are ever in the depths of despair of what to wear!



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