Far Away… Or is it? Introduction

My dear, kindred spirit, as we are comfortably lounging within our bakery together, the song Far Away by Nickelback is playing softly through the speakers. Normally, a sweet paino melody would be surroudning our ears, but every time  we hear the beginning beats of this song, our hearts pound. Our hearts pound with loning, with desire, with hopefullness or perhaps even hopelessness. But one thing is for sure: within the heart of every girl, the words of this romantic song are caressed by the aspiration of a beautiful love story.

We are females who inwardly desire to be loved more than well, almost anything.  Growing up in a world filled with teenagers giving every part of their hearts and bodies away at such early ages, combined with movies, books, articles, magazines, poems, and music that encourages this, we are bound to feel something, no matter hwo deeply inside, that longs for a speacial someone.

In this series, I am going to address these topics:

  • The Safe-Guarding and Keeping of Our Hearts
  • Waiting in Line
  • The Preparation
  • The Unfolding of a Dream
  • The Wedding

Stay tuned!



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