So Much More- The Long Awaited Book Review

 (I apologize for this taking so long- crazy computer problems!)

 A few weeks ago I completed my reading of So Much More by Anna Sophia and Elizabeth Botkin. Let me just start with the cover. I know you are not supposed to “judge a book by its cover” but this is one where the cover illustration completely fits. So Much More has a beautiful girl in a long flowing dress resting under a tree. She has a thoughtful expression on her face, and all ready I could tell that this book was going to be one I would cherish for a long time. 

            I continued on to the inside. Immediately I could see that this book deserved to have a beautiful bookmark in it, not just my usual. (Napkins, Kleenex, or bent pages are my usual!). I searched around in my room for a pretty handmade bookmark with a ribbon on it. This book just makes you do unusual things!

            Okay, on to the actual writing. First of all, everything is so scripturally based that it is amazing. You will not ever think “Where does the Bible say that?” It is all clear. The only thing that is needed to see so clearly is a humble heart. Without that all is lost. Next off, Anna Sophia and Elizabeth right with a beautiful writing style that is soothing and amazing to read. I felt that these girls were in my room with me, leading me personally on a journey to become a virtuous daughter. There writing is sophisticated, and the book clearly shows what godly parents they have been trained by.

            Secondly, this book is life changing. It gives instruction in every area of life- from courtship to dress to serving others. The Botkin sisters have wise “earth shaking” insights to share, most that they have learned from there wise father. They bring us back to when times were different, but then teach us how to apply them in the here and now. They do not want us to try to make things like the past, but to look to changing the future in the most God-honoring way possible.

            There were two points that really stuck out to me from the book. The first one was this: The Botkin sisters believe that young, single women should not be missionaries to foreign countries. I am sure this is a chapter in which many women would slam the book shut, or at least skip on. However, I endured, though before reading my heart was set on going to
Uganda. I prayed for humility and an open heart, and the Lord richly blessed me. I don’t want to give away any of the story, I just want to clarify that in reading this book much prayer is necessary. Our hearts don’t want to see our sin, nor have our plans changed.

            The second point that really stuck out to me was my duty to my father. I work to serve him, but not as much as I should or can, and this book has really helped me to think of more ways to serve him. I need to prepare to be someone else’s helpmate someday, and who better then my own dad? I also realized I need to be home more, something I will definitely begin working on this summer, when my current commitments are lessened.

            Overall, I definitely recommend that everyone buy this book. (I do recommend buying it; it is one of those “keepers.”) It is also something you will want to continually refer too.  Be sure to pray and ask the Lord for humility and an open mind before reading (perhaps reading CJ Mahaney’s “Humility” might be good!) and during reading as well. Also, check out, which is the Botkin girl’s website. Its full of informative and interesting articles.



One Response to “So Much More- The Long Awaited Book Review”

  1. K.M. Says:

    Hi Natasha.

    I , uh, know this is post was written a while ago, but I wondered, did you give up your dream to go to Uganda because of “So Much More”?

    If you did, I’d like to encourage you to read a book on women in ministry called “Why Not Women?” by Loren Cunningham (founder of YWAM) and David Hamilton. They go back to the original language and time period the Bible was written in to explain some tricky verses about women that have so often been misunderstood, taken out of context, and twisted. I found it extremely interesting. I hope you check it out.

    If you do, maybe you’d like to do a book review on it. Whether you agree with the authors or not. Ha.

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