Me and My Outward Appearence- A Study of Femininity

For many years now in the “Christian” community, there is an epidemic. It is called the modest Christian.  Modesty is one of the most important aspects of being a lady, however, us Christian girls tend to forget her sister- femininity. The two must go together, otherwise one turns into what I call the modest Christian. This is not an insult, I categorize myself as a modest Christian. However, I want to be a modest, feminine Christian. I want to show the world that I am a women, I am joyful that the Lord created me as such, and that I also enjoy being modest as I am commanded to be. It all sounds good, right? We all ready know why NOT to be modestly masculine, right? I hope so. However, how do we practically begin changing our wardrobes to be feminine?

1. Study femininity. On Saturday night I watched Sense and Sensibility. (It was fantastic! Highly reccomended!) All of the sudden, I was trying to act like a lady, complete with graceful walking upstairs to my bedroom. I was planning a beautiful outfit for church. I was wanting to start sewing, and going on picnics! So, my first portion of advice, is to watch/read/look at things that inspire femininity. Read Jane Austen books, Anne of Green Gables, Elsie Dinsmore/Millie Kieth, and others are good ones to persue. Watch old fashioned themed movies. Google some paintings of beautiful maidens. Read some articles under Modesty on

2. Do a little shopping, or closet editing. Think of what type of clothes make you feel feminine. For me, its long skirts and straw hats. For my mom, its a dress and pretty shoes. For Bethany, I’m sure its a lot of pink! Your idea of femininity could be a pretty blouse and a pair of slacks. It could be jeans with belts and cute shoes. Make a list, and try to encorparate more of it into your closet. Do a little thrift store searching, or maybe try your hand at sewing. Even a trip to Wal Mart can produce a cute skirt, if you dig hard enough. And, this is a good time to go into your closet and “edit” it. If you want to only wear skirts, I suggest discarding your jeans. If anything is immodest, take it out. Carefully, and prayerfully go through and make any needed changes.

And finally, 3. Study the feminine women you know. For me, I enjoy reading blogs, and studying the ladies at our church. Mrs. S, an elders wife, carries herself in the most beautiful way. Mrs. C always is joyful. My own mother has a lovely closet, and a good attitude as well. Take notes! And even better, tell these women what you like about them, and how you wish to imitate them! They are usually filled to the brim with good advice and would love to help you out.

I hope you are all enjoying reading my musings on femininity. I did not get a Book Report out this weekend, many apologies, but I will try to post it today or tomorrow. Blessings!

Miss Natasha


One Response to “Me and My Outward Appearence- A Study of Femininity”

  1. Annamarie Says:

    Hello Natasha,

    I found your site by googling “modest, Christian” and up popped this post! You have some excellent thoughts on modesty and femininity.

    God Bless,


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