What is Femininity?

Femininity. What is femininity? Being feminine is the exact oppisiote of being masculine. So, please, picture masculine in your mind. What does it look like? Loose clothes, short hair, maybe a beard, generally strong looking….fill in the blank. What does feminine look like to you? I personally think of a beautiful lady, sitting on the beach,  with a large straw hat, a long flowing dress, holding a parasol and reading “Pride and Prejudice.” Okay, maybe the thought of being like that makes you want to throw up, or at least run far away from our blog! If that is your reaction, have no fear. But if you think that that women is “weak”, “girly”, or “wierd”, then there may be a problem. Today there is a very accepted type of women in our society. That is the tomboy. I am not against tomboys persay. I am only against being considered a “tomboy” when it means that femininity is scoffed at, and the exact opposite is desired. The Lord has created you a women, and we need to embrace that role whole heartedly! It is a sin to desire to be a man. But please, don’t be offended! I plead with you to read on…..

 I want to tackle femininity in the heart today. What does it mean to be feminine on the inside?This is the most important of all the aspects of femininity. One can be decked out in a lovely pink dress, but if you are pushing and shoving guys aside to open the door for you, then there is a problem! I have thought of one characteristic to start with.

1. Not out to prove yourself.

We, as ladies, have been given protectors. These protectors are called men. Not all men! That would not go well in our sinful world.  Our first and foremost protector is the Lord. He is the one who guards our hearts, and has complete control over our physical needs as well. And, He is the one who placed certain men in my life to protect me. I have three specific ones in my life: my father, my brother (or certain brother in Christ), and later in life, my husband. My father is by far my favorite, at least until my husband steals me away ;). My father can fight my battles for me, I am far willing to let him!

If you are thinking I’m ridiculous, think of this. Do you like standing next to guys taller then you? At 5″10, I know I do! Why? Becuase I like to feel tiny and protected. Yes, that’s right, protected! Women are created to be protected.

So, how can we apply this practically? Its quite simple. Let the guyI open the door if you are both walking together. If you need something heavy lifted, or a jar opened, don’t hesitate to ask your dad or brother. (Believe me, it makes them feel very manly to open the “oh so tight” jar!) Of course you should still do things yourself. But, if you want to work on being more feminine, try to incorparate this into your life.

 We are starting a little section called “Book Review Weekends”. We both read a lot, and we both like to write reviews. Thus, I will be completing reading “So Much More” this week, and will be giving a short “report” on it this weekend.

 Have a Great Christ-Centered Day!



3 Responses to “What is Femininity?”

  1. RuinedbyYourmajesty Says:

    I appreciate this article. Feminity is something that I struggle with, and thanks for addressing it in such a way.


  2. ladyjane Says:

    Hi, I really struggle with this femininity issue. I look feminine and I feel so too. However some people say that I look so cold and that I have a lot of male energy. Unfortunately some friends have picked up on this and they are harping on this point. Its very difficult since I just don’t know what to do to be more femminine. I’m pretty and have a good figure, I try to be gentile and kind, I dress like a girl, and now I’ve taken up belly dancing. Still its not enough. Help

  3. somethinggreaterblog Says:

    Ladyjane: I’ll be posting on this within the next day or so, so please check back!

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