A life filled with Something Greater.

What does a life that is living for Something Greater look like? How do we show others we are living for the Lord? What are the most important aspects of a life that is being lived for God? I’ve been thinking about this lately. And, so I want to start a “series” of some sort. I think there are 10 extremely important aspects of this life. I want to start writing about one, and then work my way down. Here’s my list:

– Your Time with God

–  Your Role in Prayer

– Your Role as an example of Modesty and Feminity

– Your Role as a Witness

– Your Role in Not Fearing Man

– Your Role as a Daughter

-Your Role as a Friend

– Your Role in the Church

– Your Role as a Student

– Your Greatest Role in the Big Picture.

Those are the top 10 hats that I have at least a little experience in each! I want to meditate deeply on each of these, compile from many sources, and then share the final product with you! Each topic may take from two weeks plus to cover. They are all important to me, and they are all important to God. These are the basics to having a wonderful and beautiful relationship with the Lord, and being His representative in a dark and stormy world. There is so much to learn!

So, for my first topic, I am going to start with Your Time with God, also known as devotions. This is the first thing I schedule every day. I love the Bible, and I love my special (early!) time with the Lord.

So, today, I encourage you to go to http://girltalk.blogs.com/girltalk/spiritual_disciplines/index.html and read about the Mahaney ladies devotions. Good stuff!



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