Welcome! from Natasha

Good Morning! Welcome to the bakery, as Bethany so fondly called our little corner of the Internet. But actually, that is exactly what I want Something Greater to be. A little bakery corner-with big comfy chairs-where we can chat with girls all over the world! I love how the Internet makes the world such a small place. It’s great to be able to fellowship with Christians from all over- so that we can unite and fight against the forces of darkness. After all, I’ve heard it said that the greatest weapon is not the gun, but the pen. And the pen (or keyboard!) is something I am much more experienced with!

            Bethany started out explaining our purpose for starting a website. I want to expand upon that. We do not start this lightly, as we know it will take time to keep and maintain.  Because of that, we seek the Lord’s guidance in this. If at anytime He wishes us to step back and take a break, I am completely open to that. We desire to help girls at all stages, in all places, for one common goal: to bring glory to God.

            I see one challenge we will have to overcome. We desire this to be a website for girls who are searching for the Truth. We also desire this to be a website for girls who want some day to day encouragement to keep on keeping on! It’s going to be challenging to write for such a wide span, however, with God’s grace we will try.

            I plan to blog at least once a week, and put something up for your enjoyment at least once a week. (An article, a special link, a sweet little story…etc.)

            Ah, one last thing. Who are we? Well, as you know, my name is Natasha. I am a homeschooler, and have an emphasis on domestic engineering! In all seriousness, I’m 14 years old, and reside in California. I desire to serve the Lord in whatever way He takes me, and currently that is through writing, working with children, and serving in the church. I am an avid reader of books and blogs, and I also enjoy cooking up treats for my family and friends.

            I look forward to writing more, and adding to the site.


            Love in Christ,



P.S.- Next time, I wish to talk about our name: Something Greater! It has a great story behind it!


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